3 Clothing Items That Blur the Lines Between Fashion and Tech

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We live in an age where fashion is adapting to technology. Since the iPhone 6 Plus was released (not to mention other phablets on the market), jean companies have been considering making larger pockets to accommodate the popular phone. But that’s not the only interesting way in which our phones are affecting our style choices.

It wasn’t long ago that clothes were just… clothes. Sometimes utilitarian, sometimes fashionable and sometimes both. While we aren’t quite to the Iron Man era where clothes ARE technology, we are starting to see some interesting integrations.


One of the original companies to start catering to people’s technology habits, SCOTTeVEST has been making it easier to carry phones and other tech for years. With strategic pockets (and in some cases, pockets galore), SCOTTeVest’s product line is pretty extensive, including: vests, jackets, hoodies, shirts and more. Perfect for travelers.

Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Have you ever found yourself outside in the freezing cold… needing to use your touchscreen phone? If exposing your fingers would turn them into instant popsicles and your gloves or mittens just won’t work (most don’t because they don’t register on a touchscreen), then you need Mujjo’s Touchscreen Gloves which are designed from the ground up to work with your smartphone. I guess these are smart gloves.

Focus by Kunihiko Morinaga

This last clothing line relates to technology in a completely different way. It’s not made to facilitate technology in any way. It doesn’t make storing or carrying your devices and easier. Instead, it makes using your cell phone harder, or downright impossible at times. That’s because it’s built to intercept cell signals. And you know… sometimes that might just be a good thing (though I’m not so sure Focus will earn many actual style points in the process).

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