3 Essentials to Capture Epic iPhone Videos in 4K

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Editor’s note: this is a guest post by James Miller.

With the arrival of 4K ultra HD displays, professional media makers and hobbyists alike are scrambling to get the gear to deliver the kind of quality content that will become standard in the very near future.

As the new iPhone 6s boasts the capability to capture photo and video content in this ultra hi-def format, some documentary filmmakers decided to take a look at whether or not it’s worth all the fuss. The verdict: Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, the iPhone 6s (plus a few add-ons) can deliver a surprisingly film-like viewing experience on a shoestring budget.

4K video is twice the pixel density of HD and delivers the “feel” of film for the sheer fact that it meets the same standards as the film you’d watch on the real big screen. Here’s the touching short film produced and shot entirely with the iPhone 6s:

Pretty impressive, right? There is a cinematic quality about this film, no doubt. The audio and visuals are all supportive of the story and had you not been informed in advance, you might not think twice about how the production team actually captured this footage. Thankfully, they took the time to show us how they did it using everything from XLR lenses to drones. The list of accessories is somewhat long, but we identified the three essentials you’ll need to create epic films iPhone 6s videos.

1. mCAM by Action Life Media

So you’ve enabled 4K video capture via your phone’s settings and have begun to dabble in shooting some photos and videos but you’re hitting a wall in terms of being able to get that shot you’ve imagined in your head.

This little accessory will take you a step in the right direction. If you’re done “just messing around” with 4K video and possibly want to get paid for your work, the mCAM by Action Life Media will start to bridge that gap. And for $99.95-$109.95 for the starter kit, it’s a pretty good deal.

Straight out of the box it comes with a 37mm wide angle / macro combo lens that allows you to shoot wide or close-up. This offers slightly more versatility than the factory iPhone 6s lens, but it will only whet your appetite for better. That’s a good thing, because you probably won’t feel right mounting this on ...

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