3 Great Accessories for Your Microsoft Surface

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The Microsoft Surface is Redmon’s official answer to the Apple iPad. Whether or not is is better or worse I’ll leave up to you. But if you’ve already bought one for yourself, you’ll be pleased to know there are some great accessories waiting to be discovered.

Of course many accessories will be cases and carrying bags, necessarily. Tablets aren’t cheap and you’ve got to protect your investment. It’s pretty hard to get any work done with a cracked screen, after all.

Accessories for the Surface basically fall into two camps: those made by Microsoft and those made by third party manufacturers. You’re probably fairly familiar with Microsofts official products, so I’ve only included on here. On the other hand, you may not be all the familiar with those accessories not produced by Microsoft. If that’a the case, you’ll get a good introduction below, but make sure you also check out the full collection.

Briefcase Handle Cover Case

If you’re looking for something with a handle or a shoulder strap, you might have just found exactly what you want. Microsoft doesn’t make an official carrying bag or case with a handle, so this may be your best bet in that category. Buy

Sleeve Case

Maybe you don’t want a cover that comes with a keyboard. Maybe you don’t need it. Or maybe you don’t want a “cover” at all. If you merely want to make sure your tablet is protected during transportation, but not necessarily while you use it, this is a great bet. Buy

Microsoft Surface Type Cover 2

You’ve probably seen it in the commercials. Frankly, it might be cooler than the tablet itself. This keyboard/case combo cuts down on the bulk of carrying two different accessories separately. Buy

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