3 Nice Kindle HDX Accessories

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Apple, Samsung and Microsoft aren’t the only major tech companies with a tablet product on the market. Amazon didn’t want to be left out. That’s why it created the Kindle Fire HDX, it’s top of the line tablet.

But when it comes to accessories where do you start? A case of some sort is a good starting point since you want to protect your investment.

But that’s just a starting point. Things you might want to consider as well are charging accessories, styli, headphones and other audio accessories.

Kindle Origami Case/Stand

Sometimes you want a case. Sometimes you want a stand. Sometimes you want both in a bright and cheap package. That’s what you get with the Origami Case/Stand for the Kindle HDX. It’s light, convenient and prevents hauling around a stand in addition to a case. Buy

Inateck Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes the built-in speakers on the Kindle just don’t fully satisfy. When you need an extra kick, look for a nice speaker similar to this Inateck. It’s wireless, stylish and get the job done for a decent price. Buy

Belkin 10 Port USB Power Station

If you’re the owner of a Kindle, you’re probably the owner of plenty of other gadgets as well. And all those gadgets need to be charged but… often at the same time. Safe your sanity by investing in a charging stations like this one from Belkin. Buy

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