3 Reasons Frank & Oak Is The Best Men’s Fashion Brand On The Planet

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If you’re a regular reader of DailyTekk, you know I love Frank & Oak. I don’t hand out labels like “the best men’s fashion brand on the planet” without merit; that is truly how I feel about the company. Now, for me to say that, I obviously think their style is on-point. And, as I mentioned in a recent review, the clothes are as comfortable as it gets. But that’s just scratching the surface of what makes the experience of buying and wearing Frank & Oak apparel so great. There are actually three really good reasons why all guys should love Frank & Oak as much as I do, and here they are.

Guys Are Too Lazy To Shop For Clothes Proactively

Shopping for clothes might be the bane of most men’s existence. It’s not that we don’t like wearing awesome new clothes — it’s finding them that makes us drag our feet (until our favorite shirts have more holes than swiss cheese and our favorite pants and shorts have more flyaway strings than an orchestra on a plane). As a species, the human male typically only shops for clothes in an emergency situation or when our hand is forced.

It’s precisely that laziness that makes us long for a shortcut; some magical way of getting clothes we really like with zero effort. It’s that same laziness that will make every guy in the world jump up in the air and kick their heels together when they find out that that shortcut actually exists.

That shortcut is called The Hunt Club and it works like this:

  1. Answer a few simple questions.
  2. Have a personal Style Advisor select five items that match your taste and budget.
  3. Enjoy free shipping (and kick your heels together again if you’d like).
  4. Pay for the items you keep.
  5. Send items you don’t want back (for free).
  6. Think to yourself, “This is the life.”

Seriously, there isn’t an easier method of getting clothes you’ll love delivered to you.

Guys Need An Easy Way To Keep Their Style Fresh

When it comes to first world problems, what’s worse than a closet full of moldy fashion? The majority of dudes latch onto a style they liked at a given point in their past and run with it (like marathon-style). There are a lot of reasons. I’ve already mentioned laziness, but it doesn’t stop there.

Sometimes ...

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