3 Reasons You Need To Protect Your Naked iPhone Screen With intelliARMOR

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I used to think I didn’t need a screen protector for my iPhones. That’s no longer the case.

Just a couple of weeks ago my iPhone 6 Plus slid out of my pocket when I sat down on my front porch. It went from my pocket to the concrete and bounced off the concrete down into the river rock surrounding my house.

You know that feeling when something bad happens — like something disastrous? It’s a bad feeling, but one I’m pretty certain I could have avoided altogether in the incident I just described had my iPhone been wearing a screen protector.

I could have saved myself a bunch of money too. Since it was past a year since I bought my iPhone and because I didn’t purchase Apple Care for it, I had to pay to fix it out of pocket. And it cost me $130! That’s because when you take an iPhone with a cracked screen into an Apple Store to get it fixed they don’t just replace the glass. They replace the actual screen underneath the glass and even the Touch ID sensor. It’s serious business.

And look: I get it. Screen protectors sound kind of dorky, right? Well they aren’t pocket protectors for one thing and for another they aren’t even noticeable (good ones, that is). Basically, there’s really no excuse NOT to be using a screen protector for your phone. Again, I totally and completely regret not using one before my phone slid out of my pocket. Trust me, that’s not happening again.

Sitting here on my desk as I type I’ve got two awesome screen protectors in front of me, both from intelliARMOR. One is the intelliGLASS HD and the other is the intelliGLASS PRO. I’ve been testing these products for several days now and I’m quite happy with them.

Here are three reasons why I think you should consider protecting your iPhone with one of them:

1. It’s Like It’s Not Even There

In a perfect world my iPhone would be naked, unhindered and free in it’s full glory. But this isn’t a perfect world (you knew I was going to say that). Even so, I personally like to keep my phone as light and sleek and as close to it’s original, intended form as possible. That’s why I tend to gravitate toward the world’s ultra-minimal iPhone cases and also why I approve of the intelliGLASS screen protectors. Seriously it’s like there’re not even there even when they are which is exactly what I want in this type of a product.

The reasons why they disappear so nicely and why they blend so well (not only with the looks of your iPhone but also with the user experience) is that they are super-thin, incredibly clear and have an oleophobic coating (which means fingerprints and smudges have a hard time sticking). That’s good stuff.

2. It’s Strong

An iPhone screen protector would be utterly worthless if it couldn’t take a beating. Well, as you might have guessed, the intelliGLASS (HD and PRO) screen protectors can do just that. I would know: I subjected them both to live torture tests (while on my everyday iPhone). I took a razor blade to the screen (in the video you can see the pressure building in my fingers as I really try to dig in with the blade). I also pummeled the screen (again, while it was on my everyday iPhone) with rocks. I thew the rocks at the screen and I dropped the rocks on the screen. And guess what? My iPhone display was untouched. Pretty impressive.

3. It’s Easy To Install

I don’t know how many screen protectors you’ve ever tried to install; me, I’ve done my fair share. It’s just the lot of a tech reviewer. And there is NOTHING more annoying — infuriating, actually — than a screen protector that is hard to install. Just ONE little hair or tiny rock stuck between the screen protector and your phone can ruin the entire setup. There have been a few screen protectors that have installed so poorly I just had to throw them away.

What’s great about the intelliGLASS screen protectors is that they come with the tools you need to install bubble-free and gunk-free.

So would I recommend these screen protectors from intelliARMOR? Absolutely.

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