3 Reasons You Should Check Out eBay Daily Tech Deals Right Now

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Seriously, the only thing better then snagging the latest/best tech is getting it for a deal. But good deals can be tough to come by. Sometimes they are incredible and sometimes they are barely worthy of the term “deal.” Sometimes they are for awesome gadgets, but more likely you’ll stumble across a deal for some object you’ve never heard of before.

Plus, there are some deal sites floating around the web that serve up exactly one (or maybe a handful) of tech deals every day. Those types of sites are super hit or miss. I know I never visit them because they are just inconsistent — I expect that I won’t find anything I actually want or need when I’m actually looking for it.

But there is a better way; a holy grail of tech deals, if you will. And it comes from eBay.

eBay’s Daily Tech Deals can get you deals like an iPad Mini for $149.99 (21% off), a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for $999 (23% off) and a Nikon D750 DSLR camera for $1,449 (37% off). Those are major deals.

So unlike other deal sites with undesirable inventory, bad deals or infrequent deals, eBay’s daily tech deals are:

  1. Full of awesome gadgets you’ll actually want.
  2. Fresh every day — there’s a constant flow of cool stuff to buy every 24 hours.
  3. Most importantly, very good deals.

Take the iPad Mini deal I mentioned earlier. It’s actually (in this instance) a refurbished (fully restored) device being sold by blinq via eBay. I love refurbished Apple products — they are just like new and are always far cheaper than a brand new Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Are all tech items listed on eBay’s daily tech deals site refurbished? Nope. I’m staring at a brand new Lenovo Flex 2 15″ Touchscreen Laptop with 500GB storage. It’s never been used (it hasn’t even been opened). And it’s 35% off it’s normal price. Why would you buy this device anywhere else?!

But it’s not just tablets and laptops and cameras. You can grab iPhones, speakers, flash drives and hard drives, camera lenses, video game consoles and lots more.

So here’s the deal. Before you go to buy any new gadget or tech accessory, you’ve got to check out eBay Daily Tech Deals first. I know that’s my game plan.

What do you think of eBay’s daily tech deals? Have you tried them out yet? Leave us a comment to let us know!

My blog post was written as part of my collaboration with eBay.

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