3 Simple Drive Recovery Tools Every Office Should Have on Hand

Universal USB Drive Adapter
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Universal USB Drive AdapterWhether you are an IT professional or simply the office manager in charge of your co-workers computers, there are a few simple tools you would do well to have laying around “just in case”. Why? As an example, one of the computers in my workplace recently failed. Luckily the drive did not crash–it was simply a faulty power cord on an old machine.

The problem was that we decided to get the employee a new machine, but we’d have to get her old files off the old machine somehow. With a few simple tools we were able to recover the data on the employees hard drive. This article will show you what tools you need in order to avoid taking your machine to the nearest Geek Squad or service center for such a routine task.

My advice? Order these tools now to prevent frustrating headaches in the future! Total cost–between $50-70. Obviously, it would be smart to have either an on-site and/or cloud backup solution in place as well. Special thanks to Weldon from RewindTech for pointing these out.

1. Technician’s Toolkit

If you need to get into a laptop or other small piece of electronic equipment, give something like this Newer Technology 11-Piece  Toolkit a try. The tools come in a small, rugged zippered case that is easy to transport. Included tools are 7 special screwdrivers, a scissor clamp and tweezers. If you run into a difficult-to-open but easy-to-scratch items (like an iPod), the kit even comes with a couple of “spudgers” that can pry without marring.

2. Universal Drive Adapter

Once you have extracted a drive from it’s housing, you’ll need an adapter to make the data readable. This Super Speed USB 3.0 Universal Drive Adapter has been described as a sort of “swiss-army knife” of disk connectivity. With a tool like this you can easily access data from both internal and external hard drives. This particular model supports hard drives up to 3TB in capacity. Works with any 2.5, 3.5 or 5.25 hard drive or optical drive that uses a standard IDE/ATA/ATAPI 40 pin or SATA interface. For a few more bucks, check out the Voyager Q Quad Interface SATA Drive Docking Solution.

3. Anti-Static Storage Cases

So what do you do with an internal drive once you’ve gotten all of the data you need off of it? If you’re doing to store it, it’s best to keep it free from static using something like this stackable anti-static case for all 3.5″ drives. If you have multiple drives, keep them organized using the available label space on each drawer. Thanks to the nifty interlocking design, each case can be easily stacked to optimize storage space. Includes a one-year warranty.

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