30 Surprising iPhone Facts!

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One day, recently, I got really curious about the iPhone. Of course, owning an iPhone for several years, there was a lot I knew about it. But I started wondering how much it costs Apple to make an iPhone and where iPhone components come from and how much have iPhones shrunk since the original came out. I wrote down a list of questions and began finding the answers and I was fascinated. So I turned it into a video, naturally.

This video made a strong debut on the YouTube channel — as strong as any video we’ve ever made within the first 24 hours. The positive feedback has definitely inspired me to continue producing more similar content. I can see why people like it: there’s a lot of really interesting Apple and iPhone facts floating around out there just waiting to be discovered and talked about. Well, here you go!

  1. Have you ever wondered how much it actually costs Apple to make an iPhone? Well I’ve got an answer for you: $219.80. That’s for the iPhone 7 and it doesn’t include R&D expenses. Src
  2. Obviously the iPhone business is a major cash cow for Apple that’s brought in over $621 billion dollars between the original and the iPhone 7. Src
  3. How many iPhones do you think Apple sells in just 1 quarter? Answer: 77 million! Src
  4. So how many iPhones does Apple sell every second? Answer 9. That means they make more than $6,000 from the iPhone every second second. Src
  5. Apple offers refurbished iPhones for 15% off on it’s website. They’re like new so it’s a really great way to save around $80-110 on a new iPhone. That’s 8,000 to 12,000 pennies off. And makes a lot of sense — I’ll leave the link below. Src
  6. The text within Apple’s book emoji is actually from Apple’s Think Different campaign. You know, here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, blah blah. Src
  7. It takes a lot of people to bring us the iPhone. The numbers are pretty staggering: in fact there were over 800 people working on just the iPhone’s camera back in 2015. Src
  8. iPhone components come from all over the world. For instance: the accelerometers come from Germany and the US, the batteries come from South Korea and China and the cameras come from Japan, the US and Taiwan. Src
  9. Most iPhone factory workers in China can’t afford

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