300 Vizify Invites: Turn Your Life Into a Stunning Infographic!

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We’ve mentioned Vizify, the service that turns your life into a mega-cool “graphical bio” before here on DailyTekk (see Over 100 Incredible Infographic Tools and Resources). What I really like about Vizify is that it makes it so easy to let people get to know who you are. Essentially, it’s a much cooler, more interactive version of About.me. The main reason I say this is that it isn’t boring or static. It’s also dead simple to use because it can import pre-existing data from sites like LinkedIn.

As a person with extension design experience, I completely appreciate the interface design, colors and thoughtfulness that wen’t into the creation of this product. From the people behind it to the end result, Vizify is a winner all around. While there are a few similar tools that I’ve used, nothing comes close to Vizify in terms of form and function.

Todd from Vizify was nice enough to hook DailyTekk’s readers up with 300 invites to get in on the service before the rest of the world (code: vizdailytekk). First come, first serve so head on over right now!

Once you’ve tried the service out, leave us a comment to let us know what you think! Here’s a few screenshots of a sample profile:

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  • Thanks for the code share. I created a profile on behalf of the Missoula Public Library. (See the work-in-progress: https://www.vizify.com/missoulapubliclibrary).

    Loved how simple it was to use. I especially appreciate how easy it is to edit.

    Though Vizify is geared for individuals, I think non-profits could have fun using it to promote their group.

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