4 unconventional ways to save battery life

Ah, battery life. One of life’s greatest hardships. After Flappy Bird, anyway. Batteries are what power our daily routine from our smartphone to the car we drive to work. They get the job done, but how can we get more out of them? Conserving battery life becomes one of the utmost priorities when it comes to maintaining your smartphone’s usefulness.

That’s why there are so many battery-extending solutions out there from power banks to faster charging batteries. But battery technology has remained stagnant since the days of old. I talked about it at length in a recent article. Most of these solutions, however, are either bulky or unreliable (or both). So, are there any more ways you can save battery life other than the usual suspects like dimming the brightness or turning on airplane mode? Well, yes.

And that is what I’m going to focus on today. Four of the most unconventional ways to save battery life. Let’s get cracking.

Understanding your phone’s battery…

This is the first question to ask ourselves when it comes to battery saving techniques. What powers your smartphone? Well, your battery of course. (duh!) Specifically, though, a lithium ion cell. Lithium ion cells are what powers most of our rechargeable gadgets in the 21st century and hopefully better alternatives pop up in the future. Why? Because, at this rate of technological advance it’s hard for the lithium ion cell to keep up with current processing hardware. I shudder to think about future devices.

Basically, a lithium ion battery is just a cell where lithium ions move back and forth while charging and discharging. Any more information, and it’s going to get really boring (so I’ll keep it simple). We use lithium ion batteries because they’re capable enough and work with almost any other gadget in this day and age. But, any small task that requires power to do begins to take a toll on battery life in the long run.

So, it’s the small things that we’re going to focus on today. As Jeff Olsen so rightfully put it in the Slight Edge, it’s the small things that when done consistently and done over time that lead to success.

Using a black wallpaper

That’s right. You can save some of that precious battery juice by using a black wallpaper. By a black wallpaper, I mean a purely black one.

This neat little trick only ...

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