4 Useless Apple and Android Accessories

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Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Hobbs Karg.

Smartphones, arguably one of the greatest inventions of the last decade, have equally great accessories that make our lives a little easier: gadgets that hold our phones in our cars, touch screen gloves, and even highly durable cases to ensure our phones don’t crack when they slip between our fingers. However, for all the great inventions there are equally useless accessories developed. Here are five accessories that definitely fall under that category.

Dust Plugs

Everyone knows that open USB and headphone jacks are the perfect place for dust to collect. Dust can “destroy” your front camera and even obstruct you from plugging in your headphones. Fear not: Dust Plugs are especially useful during these hard times. You can choose from glittery turtle plugs to spooky Halloween skulls, or if you have a couple hundred dollars lying around there are diamond-studded plugs as well.

iPad Body

I’m sure everyone has once thought while using their iPad, “Hey I wish this thing had a body and wheels so it could creepily roll behind me all day.” Of course you haven’t because that is neither normal nor efficient; but that didn’t stop Double Robotics from creating one.

You’re probably asking yourself what this abomination looks like: Imagine a Segway with an iPad mounted on top. Sounds great, right? The idea behind this invention is to make video connections feel more real. If you’re thinking of purchasing one, I advise you to go visit your friend in person because you need some serious human contact.

iPad Typewriter

In an era where devices are small and mobile, adding a typewriter to your iPad is one of the most unnecessary accessories invented. The attachment strikes the iPad’s screen with rubber cap hammers each time you click a key. Austin Yang, the creator has definitely taken the keyboard back 100 years with this failure of a product.

iCade Arcade Cabinet

You know your accessory has failed when it originated as an April Fools joke. This didn’t seem to discourage ThinkGeek to partner up with Ion to actually produce this iPad accessory.

This device manages makes touchscreen iPad games harder to play. You would think with a $100 price tag it would come completely ready to go out of the box, but you will have to put it together yourself. My advice, like everything else on this list, is to skip this purchase.

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