4 ways to use tech to track and cancel unwanted subscriptions (easily save money)

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We all have them: ghost subscriptions we don’t want anymore. Services we thought would be a good idea but that in reality we never used. Or the dreaded free subscription that was never canceled. Unused gym memberships, renters insurance for apartments no longer lived in, Hulu… leeches that are sucking money from our bank accounts that we could be using elsewhere!

But the thing about these types of subscriptions is: we can’t canceling them. It seems like a lot of work. Nobody wants to sit on the phone and argue with someone (or worse yet: argue with someone in person). Nobody likes questions like, “Is there anything we can do to keep you as a customer?” or “What if we give you a better rate?” NO! In reality, canceling things is probably easier than you’d think (and, like so many things in life, the hardest part is decided to get started). But there’s an easier way!

I’ve rounded up a few services and apps that will help you not only track all the things you’ve subscribed to (in the distant past or just last week), analyze them for fluctuations in pricing (rate hikes) and cancel as easily as possible: with just one click or a simple text. Ah… life just got a little easier (and less expensive) for us all.


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Truebill lets you find, track and cancel your paid subscriptions with 1 click. The average Truebill customer saves over $500 a year! Truebill isn’t a native phone app, but it does work on mobile devices (it’s mobile web optimized). It works by connecting your bank account (don’t worry, Trubebill uses bank-level security and encryption) and then analyzing your subscriptions. If there’s one you want to cancel, just click! What I really like about Truebill is that it helps you track your subscriptions over time. That means you can easily see rate hikes and extra (hidden) fees. Trubeill is free.


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Trim does something similar to Truebill, but in a different manner (and does one really cool thing Truebill can’t). Trim is a text-messaging service that helps you cancel your unwanted subscriptions. Once you’re signed up, you’ll get a text listing all of your subscriptions. You can simply reply to that text with the ones you’d like to cancel and… Trim will cancel them for you! What really sets Trim apart though (this is so cool) is that it finds ...

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