5 New Photo Sharing Apps for iPhone

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Without a doubt one of the most important features of a smartphone these days is a great camera and with the latest release of the iPhone, the camera functionality is better than ever. If you are still texting photos with Apple’s built-in messaging app or sending them via email, allow me to introduce you to the future of mobile photo sharing. I’ve rounded up some very clever apps that make either taking or sharing a photo different or better than what you are probably used to. If you are looking for some Instagram-alternatives you might find something of interest here.

Frontback – 2 Cameras, 1 Shot


This is easily the most unique and novel photo sharing app I have run into in recent years. It’s one of those ideas that makes you say, “I wonder why someone didn’t that of that before?” As you may have guessed from the picture, Frontback takes 2 simultaneous images using your iPhone’s front and back cameras and brings them together in one compelling composition. Once you start snapping pictures with Frontback, you might never want to go back to a “regular” photo app because something might just feel like it’s missing. Great idea with great execution.


Context – Introducing Photo Texting


Context is a messaging app with a bit of style and flair. It superimposes text messages over a photo in the background to merge two great experiences. It’s simple, it just works and it looks really, really good. Once you and your group of friends/family starts using Context to communicate, you are practically guaranteed to shun anyone who dares to message you any other way.


Rando – Random, Anonymous Photo Sharing


Rando is a fun new way to experience great photos from around the world. It’s not about being social. In fact, it’s totally anonymous. The premise is simple: you’ve got to share a photo to get a photo. You know nothing about who receives it except for the location it was received and the receiver knows nothing about who sent it except for the location it was sent from. The only things you can do, aside from sending a “Rando,” are to say “Thanks!” or save a received picture.


Ding Dong – Send a Private Photo “Nudge”


Ding Dong lets you share a private photo with your friends with the touch of a button. There are no other social features such as liking or commenting. What you (and they) will see is a map with a line drawn between your two locations. This is a great way to stay in touch with people without the need for Facebook or any other social network. It’s like saying, “What’s up?!” or “Thinking of you!” without having to say too much at all.

Ding Dong

Everlapse – Frame-by-Frame Photo Books


Everlapse is, in a way, Vine without the motion. By compiling individual photos into “flipbooks” users can create some truly interesting and non-static visuals. It’s like a photo album that auto-rotates through it’s contents. It seems to me that this would make a great way to capture an event like a concert, or a trip or any experience.


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