5 of the biggest smartphone myths, busted

Smartphones are awesome. I think we can all agree on that, right? Well, pair this beast with an Internet connection and we get a device where we can access all of the knowledge humanity has to offer. Yet, we still use it to watch cat videos. Lots of them.

But, hey, that’s one side of the story. Even though the internet gives you access to all kinds of knowledge, it also facilitates the convenient sharing of false information as well.

I mean, how can you know that putting your iPhone in the microwave for 5 minutes will charge the battery completely? well, you can’t. Unless you’ve tried it out yourself, in which case, congratulations! You sir, are a legend!

Anyway, the Internet has given rise to some pretty incredible tech myths of which I’m going to debunk 5. Since most of these claims seem to involve the battery, let’s kick things off there.

“Overcharging” your battery

This seems to be quite popular in our day and age. You know that feeling when you get back home late at night and you plug your phone in before going to bed knowing that you’ll wake up in the morning with a full battery.

But people are constantly paranoid thinking that their smartphone would hit 100% in the middle of the night, so that they keep an alarm for 2 in the morning just to wake up and unplug their smartphone before it consumes so much charge that it explodes.

And then there’re people like me, who don’t even plug the smartphone into the darn socket and wake up in the morning to find an almost dead smartphone. Priorities.

So, what’s going to happen if you’re going to plug in your phone all night? Will it explode? Will it have a miraculous 110% of charge? Will it lead to the coming back of Tupac?

As far as we know, no. Why?

Because the lithium ion batteries that we use in our smartphones are smart. Smart in the sense that it actually knows when to stop accepting charge from the power supply once it hits a 100%. Now you can sleep like a baby at night.

But, there’s also another thing of major concern. Heat.

You see, if your smartphone is packed in a tight place with no outlet for the heat to escape comfortably, then, the battery would probably expand, which would damage ...

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