5 Really Useful Dropbox Hacks / Addons / Extensions

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So Dropbox is pretty unbeatable in terms of seamless file sharing. For individuals and businesses it’s become an indispensable utility to the point where you’re kind of crazy if you don’t have it on your phone, computer and tablet. But as awesome as Dropbox is “right outta the box” (ha), there are some cool people building tools that can help the service perform a few new tricks. I’ve gathered a few of my favorite Dropbox apps and hacks here, but if you know about something really awesome that I missed or forgot to include, do leave me a comment!!

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If you use Dropbox a lot — like if you rely on it daily and it basically runs your personal or business life — you need Revisions. It’s a Mac app that gives you a quick look at the last 30 days worth of changes to files within your Dropbox. With Revision you’ll see the entire timeline of changes and can break them down by subfolders and it’s always available in your Mac’s menu bar. The best part? You can easily restore files or even entire folders in your Dropbox!


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Want to save web addresses (links) to your Dropbox? Give urluploader a try. The interface is dead simple and it makes organizing bookmarks and important URLs very easy. For instance, if you upload a link from DailyTekk it will go into a DailyTekk folder; if you upload a link from TechCrunch or The New York Times, it will be organized appropriately.


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Ironclad is a really cool business app for Dropbox that automatically keeps your most important business “papers” (files) safe and organized. It’s like having an assistant who always knows where your most important files are combined with a security guard who keeps them out of the wrong hands. Aside from the useful storage features you’ll also get some handy templates.


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Duet.to lets you build websites and host them on Dropbox. You’ll get custom domains, unlimited visitors, a novel CMS (content management system) approach that’s just as easy to use as uploading files to Dropbox, templates, Markdown support and more. With packages starting at $1.99 (now that’s some cheap/affordable hosting!)  per month (including CDN) there’s a lot to like here.


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Orangedox gives you the power to know when your shared Dropbox files have been previewed and downloaded. You’ll get a branded Dropbox portal that lets you document page-by-page viewership. That means you can understand how your documents are being viewed down to the time spent reading each page. The price is right too since it’s free to get started.

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