These Red Apps Keep You Well Read

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I’m starting to wonder whether or not some smart developers behind great reading apps choose the color red for their icons, interfaces and general branding on purpose (red = read?). On my iPhone, at least, every app I use to get some sort of reading done is red with the exceptions of iBooks and Yahoo’s News Digest.

That said, there are 5 red apps I use to absorb 99% of text-based info I consume on my phone. I’m sharing them as a group because, at least for me, they form a powerful reading ecosystem that works like this:

One app for keeping up with the world’s major news.

The Economist Espresso app gives me 5 top headlines from around the world. It’s what I need to know about, condensed (like a “shot” of espresso).

One app for tracking my interests across the web.

The newest version of Flipboard is by far the best. It’s an interest-based approach that relies less on particular sites inputed by a user and does more curating. I probably spend the most time of just about any app on my phone in Flipboard.

One app for discovering long form content.

When I’m in the mood (and have the time) for something with more depth, I’ll check Longform. I probably open this app less than any of the others here, but when I do I’m sure to find something worthwhile.

One app for reading articles I’m very interested in.

Whether from the web, Flipboard or Longform, when I find an article I’m really interested in and want to read later when I can really enjoy it, absorb what it says and get the most out of it I send it to Readability. The interface is better than Flipboard for just reading.

One app for discovering interesting, non-article content.

Finally, when I want to find something really interesting or specific I open up Quora. I don’t come here looking for the latest information, simply the best on a given subject. I could (too) easily spend a half an hour pouring over interesting questions and answers.

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