5 Things All Phone Owners Hate

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Maybe you love your phone. Maybe you hate it. Either way, there are a few things we’ve all experienced that are maddening, gross, annoying… you get the point. Check out the video above or read about it below. And comment with anything I missed (so I can make another video).

#1: The hair that inevitably gets stuck in your phones case.

If you’ve ever had a case on your phone, you know exactly what I’m talking about: that nasty little mysterious hair peeking out from from where it doesn’t belong.

Whose is it? How’d it get glued in? Why is it curly?

Its a big dilemma. Do you take off the case and shake it out since that’s the only real way to get rid of the hair? Do you leave it there until it disappears on it’s own? Do you try to rip it out even if it leaves the stump of the hair in your case until your contract runs out and you just trade your phone?

And don’t even get me started on the crumbs in the crevices!

#2 The thumb bandaid.

Now this has happened to us all at some point. You’re going along minding your business when BAM! paper cut. On your thumb. No big deal except it’s the one digit that runs your phone which runs your life.

No more fingerprint scanner — you’re back to typing in a code. Forget about typing. Goodbye Apple Pay. Sayonara 3D Touch.

So you rip off the bandaid just to live a little and your cut never heals. So you put on another bandaid, rip it off and thus begins a vicious cycle that extends the life of your paper cut to three months.

#3 Fingerprints.

You know the feeling when you first unbox your phone and you don’t want to take that plastic off because you know the second you do your phone will never look new again?

Those fingerprints. Every time your screen turns off.

Once they’re on they’re never coming off. Good luck trying to wipe them off cause all you’re going to do is smudge.

Okay, it’s time to bring out the big guns — like some Windex. Problem is, you’ve just traded fingerprints for streaks.

Next time that plastic wrapper stays on permanently.

#4 When notifications don’t notify.

Notifications are there for a reason — you want to know when something important happens. Too bad they don’t always work. Have you ever missed an important notification because your phone just decided to mute itself… or forgot to vibrate… or went into night mode like you set it to without the courtesy of asking whether tonight was a good night?

Like the other day. I was waiting for the new TLD video to drop so I setup notifications on Twitter and YouTube. I was going to be the first to comment and go Hulk Hogan on that like button… until… I discovered 20,000 people beat me to it.


#5 Phones are too addicting (as looking at phone).

Person 1: Oh hey man did you catch the debate last night?

Person 2: Ya it was a good game.

Person 1: No… wait, what?

Person 2: Hold up got to snap this…

Person 1: You suck. I’m out.

Person 2: Alright… you said something about a rebate? Dude?

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