50 Ways to Make Email More Productive and Enjoyable

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Remember when you first started using email? It was cool, wasn’t it? And fun? Now email has become a chore. For modern Americans, our inboxes are a bit like our homes–we spend a lot of time there so it might as well be as pleasant of an experience as possible. Our lives still run on email, of course, because it’s a default form of communication but also an avenue of authentication (how many sites still require you to enter your email address in order to create an account?). Email may slowly become less relevant (or more likely, morph and change shape) in our personal and business lives over the next decade or so, but it’s not going to disappear over night.

That’s why I’ve rounded up some of the best email tools and resources I could find. Even for such a mature space there is plenty of innovation taking place. Startups are coming on the scene looking for mature players to disrupt or adding lots of extra value to current solutions. Thanks to Gmail’s API there are now tons of excellent browser add ons and extensions to power-up and enhance Google’s popular email offering. Here in this list you will find email tools for both business and personal use. These products and services will not only help you get more done but will hopefully help to put the joy back in your email experience.

Random & Cool Email Tools

  1. Sparrow – Lightweight and fast. A simple way to get to inbox zero.
  2. Nutshell Mail – Manage social networks with email.
  3. Attachments.me – Organize all the files in your email.
  4. ToutApp – Supercharge your business emails with groups, analytics and templating.
  5. Shortmail – Length-limited email (500 characters) means less spam, better conversations.
  6. BrandMyMail – Live social content, blog posts, signatures and more in your emails.
  7. Notification Control – Email notifications can be a pain. Take 1 minute to clean them up.
  8. YippieMove – Transfer an email account to another account of your choice.
  9. Postbox – Be focused, be organized, be awesome. Gmail client for Mac and Windows.
  10. OtherInbox – Free, innovative organizational tools to make email better.
  11. PowerInbox – Brings apps to your emails just like apps on your iPhone.
  12. WiseStamp – Bring life to your email by promoting things you care about.
  13. CloudMagic – Blazingly fast exchange and Gmail search.

Make Email More Productive

  1. ActiveInbox – Effortless email excellence. Organize email tasks and folders.
  2. SaneBox – Filters your email so you don’t have to. Saves 2 hours per week on average.
  3. MailPilot – Email, re-imagined. Get your email done and get on with your day.
  4. Fluent – Workflow your way to zero. Blazing fast search.
  5. ZeroMail – Your personal email assistant.
  6. Taskforce – Convert emails into tasks to save time and stay organized.
  7. Unified Inbox – One central inbox for team members anywhere.
  8. Grexit – Shared email and folders for Gmail.
  9. Boxbee – Organizes your inbox and eliminates email overload. People are the priority.
  10. RightInbox – Schedule emails in Gmail to be sent later and track views and clicks.
  11. NudgeMail – Use easy inbox reminders to achieve inbox zero.
  12. Boomerang – Scheduled sending and reminders in Gmail.
  13. AwayFind – Mobile notifications for priority messages.
  14. ClearContext – Outlook plugin that organizes your email, tasks, appointments and files.
  15. Tray – Turn your messages into actions.
  16. 0Boxer – Turn email into a game. Organize your Gmail and have fun while doing it.
  17. YuDoMail – Automatically captures, prioritizes and tracks action items buried in your email.
  18. FollowUp – Email reminders and tasks.

Fight Spam

  1. Unroll.me – Unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions and discover new ones.
  2. Sneakemail – Hide your email from spammers, companies and others.
  3. Google Postini – Hosted security and archiving services.
  4. MailWasherPRO – For a spam-free inbox.
  5. SpamHero – Enterprise-level spam filtering for your domain.
  6. SecureTide – Blocks 99% of spam and viruses.
  7. TrashMail.net – Give spam no chance.
  8. SpamBully – Spam filter for Outlook.
  9. Scrim – Share you email in a safe way to get less spam.
  10. Spam Arrest – Take control of your inbox.
  11. MailNesia – Annonymous email in seconds. Disposable email at it’s best.
  12. Mmmmail! – Free disposable email to rss service.

Manage Contacts Better

  1. Scrubly – Remove duplicate contacts in Outlook, Mac, Gmail and Google Apps.
  2. WriteThat.Name – Keeps your address book up-to-date based on contact’s signatures.
  3. Rapportive – Get rich contact profiles right inside Gmail.
  4. Contactually – Keep your network strong right in your email.
  5. Xobni – Gmail plugin and smartphone app for address book management.


  1. Emailology – The science of looking good in the inbox (for email designers).
  2. Curteous.ly – Publish your email load (the email equivalent of having lots on your desk).
  3. ZigMail – Organize receipts, daily deals, offers and more automatically.
  4. Slice – Link your Gmail or Yahoo inbox to automatically track orders, save money and more.
  5. Notify – An awesome email notifier for Mac OSX.
  6. Replies – Tired of re-writing the same replies over and over again?
  7. Graph Your Inbox – Graph your Gmail usage over time.
  8. Tagwolf – Email filing assistant for Outlook.
  9. Zendio – Email delivery confirmation and analytics add-on for Outlook.
  10. MailBliss – Give your phone an email address.
  11. Find Big Mail – Almost out of space? Find big emails to clean up fast (Gmail).
  12. Gmelius – Cross-browser extension for a better & cleaner Gmail inbox (removes ads).


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