7 Essential Tools For Working With Documents

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Being productive at work is no doubts the key to success. As they say, it is not that important how long you work, but how smart you do that and how much you are able to cope with. If you know all the tips and trick on how you can possibly work with your documents more efficiently, it can increase your productivity level considerably. Finding the right programs or apps, or turning to Google to find out questions on any minor answer are both time consuming processes. Take a look at these must-have tools for flawless work with documents of various kind.

Google Docs and Google Drive

Not everybody knows that when you upload a document to Google Drive, you can not only keep it there or view it. For example, a Word document can not only be fully edited in Google Docs, you can convert it to various formats as well, such as PDF, ODT, RTF, HTML or TXT. PDF files can as well be opened and saved as DOC, XLS formats. Working with PDF files in Google Drive can be also fulfilled with the help of add-ons that can be installed for advanced work with files.

Icecream PDF Split&Merge

PDF is a rather tricky format to work with. Files of such format can be viewed and protected, but manipulating with them is a complicated task unless you know the right software for that. Use Icecream PDF Split&Merge to combine multiple PDF files together into one. Remove pages or extract intervals of pages from the initial document in a couple of clicks. Splitting a PDF into single-paged files or onto groups of pages can also be proceeded with the help of this app, which also perfectly works with password-protected PDF files as well.

Excel Tutorial

Microsoft Excel is a program with a whole lot of functions that offers plenty of advanced features. However, they are all can be at your service in case you are aware how exactly you can use them. Excel Tutorial is a website to which you can turn to learn all sorts of tips and tricks applicable to Microsoft Excel. All the information and tutorials are divided into sections and topics for easier access.

PhotoStage Slideshow Software

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