7 Ways to Track a Lost Cell Phone And Protect Your Data

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People store a lot of confidential information on their phones because they can easily access them whenever they want. However, mobile phones are prone to loss due to theft or being misplaced. One being intentional and the other accidental. If your phone has been thieved, then it is highly necessary for you to secure your data before the culprit manages to lay hands on it. Even if you inadvertently misplaced your phone, you can take some necessary steps to lock the phone and prevent unauthorized access.

Install a Mobile Monitoring App

The safest and easiest way to secure your phone is to install a mobile monitoring application. There are various features available in a monitoring application which helps to secure and protect the phone as well as the information contained in the phone. The monitoring applications are easy to install. Choose from the various available monitoring software while taking into consideration various criteria like popularity, features and prices. You can decide on the software based on the features which you can benefit from and the price of the software. It can be purchased from the official website and downloaded on to the mobile phone on which you wish to install such monitoring software.

The installation of mobile monitoring takes just a few minutes and once installation is complete, the application starts to monitor the activities of the mobile phone and uploads them to the user account. The private online user account is provided at the time of purchase of the monitoring software. Irrespective of whether the user erases or deletes any calls, messages or web history, all details are recorded by the monitoring software. The user can view the user account from any remote location. Once you have installed the mobile monitoring software on your mobile phone, you need not worry much if your phone is lost. By logging into the user account wherever you are, you can easily detect the location of your phone. The same can be conveyed to the law enforcement authorities to help them nab the thief.

You would be obviously stressed if your phone is lost because it contains confidential and sensitive information pertaining to your professional and personal life, including financial information. By doing online banking transactions, the PIN numbers and account numbers will be available on your mobile. To avoid the worry of losing your entire bank balance, just install the mobile monitoring application and relax. Some of the features in the monitoring software are designed to help you in the unfortunate event of your phone being lost. Features like GPS tracking, alerting in case of SIM change, wiping data remotely, enable backup before erasing all data to help you to take control of things in a stress free way. These features ensure that you do not worry about your phone being ransacked after theft. Some of the security features that are available in mobile monitoring application software are:

Lock the Phone

In case of theft of your mobile phone, you can login to the mobile monitoring app account to lock the phone remotely. You can lock the phone by sending a command through the control panel of your online user account. By locking your mobile phone, you can prevent misuse of your phone by outsiders with ulterior motives.

Track the Phone’s Location

Mobile phone monitoring apps make use of a GPS tracker, which pass on information to your online account through which you can trace the location of your lost or misplaced phone. This tracking feature comes handy to trace the lost phone by logging into your private user account. Even if the GPS tracking feature is deactivated on the phone, the monitoring application is very much capable of recording the location based on the nearest available mobile tower.

Listen to Live Surroundings

Mobile phone monitoring apps help you to listen to live surroundings of your phone. Once you have tracked the location with the GPS tracker, you can activate the phone to record the surrounding sounds. This activation can be done remotely through pre-programmed commands which have been put on the mobile phone. A live record will easily enable you to track the lost phone.

Block All Applications

The best way to ensure that your lost phone is not misplaced is by blocking all applications. This can be done by remote commands and the mobile phone will shut itself off

Remotely Wipe Data

Lots of information pertaining to your personal and professional life is stored in mobile phones as text, pictures or videos which could be misused in the wrong hands. To prevent this, we can remotely wipe all the data. Before wiping, the monitoring software takes a back up to safeguard your information from being totally lost.

Backup your Data

There are various mobile monitoring apps that provide backup for all data stored in your mobile phone. To prevent others from accessing your personal details, once you realize that your phone is stolen, take a back up of all data contained in your mobile phone. The monitoring software creates a back up and uploads the information to your user account and then wipes out the entire contents based on remotely issued commands.

To conclude, it is advisable to install mobile monitoring software on your mobile phone to help you to track the phone if lost, and also to protect the information contained from being misused. It is a totally easy and hassle free way to track your phone when lost or misplaced.

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