75+ Music Industry Tech Tools for Artists, Bands, Managers and Execs

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This post is a follow-up to a recent post titled 100 Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music (which savvy musicians will see as 100 more resources to exploit). That post was for the consumer side of the industry, the fans. While creating that post I was also creating this post at the same time. I had originally intended to make another top 100 post out of it, but just didn’t get there. Nonetheless, I think this should be a seriously helpful resource for artists, especially newer artists or musicians who may be a bit older in age :). What you’ll find here are some excellent tools for managing the business side of your musical career, some direct-to-fan marketing and distribution services, cool concert tools and a huge variety of services to help you market yourself and spread the word and more.

A few years ago I ran a national Christian music talent search and managed a few bands. Even longer ago I had fun playing the drums for a local band that had a lot of potential but never really went anywhere. I looked up from my desk the other day and saw a signed drumhead hanging on the wall featuring autographs from some of the bands I had worked with in the past and it got me thinking about writing a post like this featuring awesome tech tools for musicians. A few years back I remember eagerly anticipating the launch of Topspin Media and it’s fun to come back and look at how much progress they have made and how many other new tools and services there are for musicians trying to earn a living without necessarily being signed to a record label.

If I’ve missed any great resources please leave a comment to let me know so I can get it added.

Analytics & Business Tools

  1. RockDex – Track buzz, find fans, spot trends.
  2. BandCentral – Management tools for music professionals.
  3. Musicmetric – Powerful artist analytics platform.
  4. Next Big Sound – Actionable intelligence for the music industry.
  5. Artist Growth – Manage your gigs, finances, schedule and more.
  6. Bandbook – Free online community that connects bands, fans, managers and venues.
  7. TourIntel – Concert business intelligence.
  8. Buzzdeck – Advanced analytics for the music business.
  9. Bandize – Organize your band from the ground up.
  10. Zenph – Transform music into data.


  1. Topspin Media – Spread content anywhere, increase fan connections, make more money.
  2. Bandcamp – Sell your music and mercy directly to fans.
  3. LiveJam HD – Direct-to-fan video distribution.
  4. Tracks.by – A new way for artists to release new music and videos.
  5. Guguchu – Promote music, only better.
  6. Nimbit – Reward fans. Sell music and mercy on Facebook.
  7. VibeDeck – Sell and promote your music. Free to use. Keep 100% of sales.
  8. Bands.com – Keep 100% of your music and merch sales.

Playing Live

  1. Weiv – Revolutionize the way you interact with live visuals.
  2. GigMaven – Free online gig booking for musicians.
  3. GigsWiz – Artist powered ticketing service.
  4. Eventric – Software and services for the professional live entertainment industry.
  5. Ticketometer – Increase attendance at your events. Incentivize ticket sales.
  6. SplitGigs – Easy way to find more gigs. A gig exchange.
  7. OnTheAir – Live personal encounters happening online.
  8. Show Kicker – A new way to book and get booked.
  9. musigigs – Book gigs online for free. Bands apply to venues, venues manage shows.

Websites, Social Media and Apps

  1. Onesheet – Build a beautiful, maintenance free websites and mobile apps.
  2. BandPage – Powering 500k musicians on Facebook everyday (free).
  3. Headliner.fm – Reach new fans without having to be liked or followed first.
  4. CASH Music – Doing for musicians what WordPress did for bloggers.
  5. Viinyl – Showcase your music with song-based websites.
  6. ArtistData – Update all your band profiles at once.
  7. FanRx – Customize your Facebook page and timeline.
  8. Gigaboxx – Create your own direct-to-fan mobile app.
  9. Songpier – Create your free artist app.
  10. Bandzoogle – Band website platform.
  11. Bandstand – A new media and content management system for bands.
  12. Unsigned – Powerful, clever, easy-to-use WordPress theme for bands from WooThemes.

Marketing & Promotion

  1. FanBridge – Fan growth and marketing made simple.
  2. ReverbNation – One stop shop for online tools.
  3. Sonicbids – Social music marketing.
  4. FanMail Marketing – Tools to help you find, know and reach your most important assets.
  5. Champion Sound – Email marketing and all-in-one promotion tools.
  6. Haulix – Create digital promos, mange media contacts, protect releases, track progress.
  7. Voxbloc – Engage and reward your fans.

Re-Define “Record Label”

  1. Tunezy – The social record label. Bring power back to musicians.
  2. Rockstar Motel – Fans are the record label.
  3. Oocto – Collective action for musical projects.
  4. PledgeMusic – Fan funded music platform.
  5. TuneRights – Free social music platform where artists, managers, etc. share in royalties.
  6. SonicAngel – Crowdfunding. Music powered by the fans.


  1. Gobbler – High-speed file transfer and backup for pro audio.
  2. Indaba Music – A place for musicians to network and make music together.
  3. Bandlink – Connecting local musicians.
  4. Kompoz – Online music collaboration.


  1. ONErpm – Sell music on iTunes, Facebook and more.
  2. Spotmeup – Simple Spotify distribution.
  3. Tunecore – Music and video distribution.
  4. IODA – Independent online distribution alliance.
  5. INgrooves – Digital distribution and marketing.

Music Industry News and Blogs

  1. Music Ally – Music business information and strategy.
  2. hypebot – Music. Technology. The new music business.
  3. Make It In Music – The ultimate guide to help you succeed in the music business.
  4. Digital Music News – News authority for music industry and tech execs.
  5. Topspin Tips – Tips, tricks and tutorials for Topspin users.


  1. The Echo Nest – The intelligent music application platform.
  2. Sponsorfied – Event sponsorships, simplified.
  3. 1band1brand.com – Seeking and connecting emerging music and fashion.
  4. Radar – Commission, promote and broadcast music videos.
  5. Mixeeba – Monetize your music content with deep affiliate links.
  6. Menyou – “Fair play” music.
  7. iMASCHINE – iPhone app for developing song ideas anytime, anywhere.
  8. Moontoast – Advanced social commerce platform.
  9. Munite.net – Uniting the music world.
  10. Tunipop – Connecting merchandise with digital music.
  11. Dropcards – Custom music download cards.
  12. Link-Busters – Professional anti-piracy solutions.
  13. DIY Music Platform – Empowering social commerce.
  14. Bandmix – Search local musician classifieds.

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