9 DailyTekk Articles You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

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There’s never a dull week at DailyTekk. Here are the articles you shouldn’t miss (in case you did). TIP: We publish useful new tech lists every weekday. See them all!

  1. 10 Mac Apps/Hacks That Will Make You Say WOW – Are you ready to be more productive while making your Mac more secure and a bit cleaner and more organized in the process?
  2. SkylinkNet Alarm System Review: A Better, Cheaper ADT Alternative – For years now I have wanted a home security system and for years I have put off purchasing one from a company like ADT for one reason…
  3. Libratone ZIPP: A Colorful, Portable WiFi Speaker (Review) – My house is full of speakers from brands you’d easily recognize (Bose) and those you wouldn’t (Revo), but one of my new favorites is from a Scandinavian company called Libratone.
  4. GoButler Is Making Everything You Do And Don’t Want To Do ULTRA Convenient – GoButler takes care of anything you need or want, on-demand and hassle-free.
  5. These 5 Awesome Trello Extensions Will Make You Super Productive – Trello is an incredible resource that lets you manage projects in a card-based, column-based way.
  6. How To Get Famous On YouTube: 38 Tips And Tricks – Don’t act like you haven’t dreamed about being famous on YouTube. And don’t pretend like getting famous on YouTube is easy. It’s not.
  7. Conceivable Helps Women Who Struggle To Become Pregnant—Get Pregnant – Many young people assume that getting pregnant will be a given. When they get older, many find out that it’s not only not always a given, but it can be quite tricky—or even seemingly impossible.
  8. Review: CARROT Weather Is Supposed To Be Funny—But Is It? – It seems like there are a million weather apps—doesn’t it? So why would we possibly need another?
  9. MyPrivacy from Reputation.com Review: A Bad Service That Wouldn’t Let Me Cancel – A service that offers to help keep your personal information more private sounds like a very good idea, but in the case of MyPrivacy from Reputation.com it turns out to be a very bad idea.

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