A $100 Projector: Should You Buy It? (BlitzWolf Projector Review)

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Back when I lived in a college dorm room, a guy down the hall from me had a projector he hooked up to his Xbox. I saw a lot of students with a lot of dorm setups — including expensive TVs — but nothing could beat playing Halo on an entire wall. Ever since then I’ve been curious about whether or not a projector was really something worth looking into. Fast forward to the present where I’ve been testing out the BlitzWolf BW-MP1 Mini WiFi projector and I’ve definitely started to form some conclusions.

As always lets do a quick feature rundown before I get into what I like and don’t like about this device.

This is a wireless projector which means you can Airplay content from an iPhone or iPad, for instance, and the screen size gets as large as 130”: that’s more than twice as large as a 60” TV!

Unfortunately, this projector only has a resolution of 1080P HD, but for just $99 I can manage to forgive it — especially for making my gaming on the wall dreams come true. Plus, most 4K projectors cost well over $2,000, so…

One nice feature is just the size: it’s pretty small and is about as wide as a person’s hand. So if you’re not a fan of clunky hardware sitting around in your living room, that’s something to appreciate.

Now this projector is rated to last for 20,000 hours, has a contrast ratio of 800:1 and can display 16 million colors. But if you know anything about projectors you know that the number of Lumens lets you know how bright a projectors picture can get and this projector is rated at 1,200 Lumens. That’s actually not super bright in the projector world since anything under 2,500 Lumens means you can’t have more than a little ambient light in the room with you if you want to have a hope of seeing anything. So this projector really needs to be used in a pretty dark room and won’t work too well during the day in rooms with windows.

There’s also a Keystone correction slider to help you line up the picture angle on your wall, a headphone jack, an AV in, an HDMI port, a USB port, an SD port and finally, a VGA port (but please promise me you won’t use that).

So for me, I thought the picture quality was alright for the price, but I was fairly disappointed with just how faint the picture was in my living room during the day. But get this in a dark room and it’s completely useable. The colors aren’t as vivid as even a cheap TV, but they’re also not horrible. Basically, everything about the picture quality is decent at best and you shouldn’t expect to be blown away.

That said, it’s always fun to take a projector outside and watch a movie on the side of your house on a warm night if you want to change up your usual routine.

When it comes to build quality this projector seems a tad on the flimsy side. When the item arrived there was clearly a loose part bouncing around inside the casing which thankfully didn’t seem to impact the the picture quality or usability in any way. Also, the lens cover is fits really loosely over the lens and it can be hard to get it to stay in place.

The device is easy enough to setup and the menu is pretty simple and straightforward. The remote, which is also as basic as can be, works good enough but certainly feels a bit clunky compared to the new Apple TV remote.

One thing I really like about this projector is it’s design. The geometric angles and ridges look cool and I’m also a fan of the matte black finish.

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