Since its founding in 2012, DailyTekk has become a top Internet destination for consumer-focused startup, app, gadget and Internet product content. Reaching millions of influential tech addicts, DailyTekk’s original and innovative features, lists, reviews and lifestyle content continue to reverberate around all corners of the Internet. With traffic growing at an astonishing monthly rate of over 30%—and recently named as one of the top 100 blogs of 2014 by PC Mag—DailyTekk is well on it’s way toward becoming one of the best, most interesting and addictive websites online.

In Q2 2015, DailyTekk launched a brand new YouTube channel anchored by The Daily DailyTekk Show in order to expand and compliment it’s already popular text content by adding video into the mix. From interviewing tech and Internet celebrities to covering the latest and greatest crowdfunding projects, startups, apps and gadgets in a whole new way, The Daily DailyTekk Show is giving audiences one more reason to love DailyTekk.

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