adaware ad block: Free Ad Blocking for Chrome and Firefox

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By and large ads — and the sometimes malicious software that can come with them — ruin the online experience. More often than not, ads on websites degrade, or downright ruin, the browsing experience. Sites that are monetized too aggressively (with huge ads, ads that load before content or load too slowly, just too many ads, etc.) are penalized not only by Google but by individuals who have had enough: individuals who have installed an Ad Blocker like adaware for Chrome or for Firefox.

Now hold on, isn’t it kind of weird for a site that runs ads to be publishing an article about an ad blocker? Well, no. In fact I’ve written about ad blockers in the past. I, like you, am a user of the Internet. I hate ads as much as the next person. Do I have to run them on my site in order to keep a roof over my head? Ya — at the moment I have no better alternatives. It’s neither in my power to stop advertisers and ad platforms from acting poorly or to stop ad blocking companies from existing. And frankly I think ad blocking software pushes the industry — and the online community — in the right direction: toward a happier, faster Internet for all.

I won’t delve into the ads make the Internet free to browse debate here but I will say that choice is important. The ability for consumers to turn ads off or on for sites they want to support or not is key. And that is one of the best, most prominent features of the new and improved adaware ad blocker: there’s a giant button that lest you white list (or black list) any site you’re on with one click. Choice!

So if you’re going to use an ad blocker, adaware ad block is a great choice for several reasons. Aside from the big ad-blocking button I mentioned already, it’s completely free. Other ad blocking solutions ask you to pay for them — I say why pay if you don’t have to.

Another reason to use an ad blocker is that it can make browsing noticeably faster. And adaware ad blocker beats several competitors including uBlock Origin, Adgaurd Adblocker and Adblock Plus — the latter by nearly 3 seconds in Firefox!

Of course some ads contain malware or pixels to track users so there are also ...

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