Addicted to Apple? The Top 30 Apple News, Rumor and Opinion Websites of 2012

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As an IT Director who loves Macs, I’m personally always on a mission to find the best source of information on Apple. Of course Apple’s Hot News is straight from the source, but sometimes a person craves “unofficial” information as well. After doing a lot of research, I compiled this list of the top 30 Apple news, rumor and opinion sites, but you’ll probably notice that a few of the “big guys” are ranked a bit lower than you might expect. As you may or may not know, I’m a designer by trade and if a site doesn’t look nice I don’t want to spend much time reading it’s content… Ironically enough, some of the biggest sites that cover Apple don’t seem to care much about design even though Apple (and the late Steve Jobs) is all about the intersection of technology and liberal arts. What would Jony Ive have to say? So, in order for a site to crack my top 10, it needed to have not only excellent content quality and quantity, but also a great design. I’m glad I looked into this topic because I discovered a few new sites which I know love and will follow regularly including Apple Reviews and World of Apple among others. All in all, this is a great resource for Apple fans of all colors (consumers, professionals, developers and employees).


  1. 9to5Mac – Apple Intelligence.
  2. theAppleBlog – GigaOm’s Apple coverage.
  3. Infinite Loop – Ars Technica’s coverage of Apple, Mac OS X and iDevices.
  4. Cult of Mac – Breaking news for Apple fans.
  5. AppleReviews – All the best news and reviews.
  6. TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (from AOL).
  7. TNW Apple – Apple coverage from The Next Web.
  8. World of Apple – News, reviews and photos.
  9. MacTrast – Apple news, info and reviews.
  10. CNET News Apple Coverage – The latest on Apple from CNET.
  11. TechRadar Apple Coverage – Deep into Apple news.
  12. The Loop – News and in-depth coverage from Dalrymple and Cohen.
  13. Mac Rumors – News and rumors (obviously) with an active community.
  14. AppleInsider – News and rumors since 1997.
  15. Slashdot Apple Coverage – Apple news for nerds.
  16. Macgasm – Apple news, rumors, features and legal info.
  17. MacUser – For all things Apple, since 1985.
  18. Daring Fireball – The website of Apple enthusiast John Gruber.
  19. Macworld – Apple reviews, help, tips and news.
  20. Mac|Life – A magazine about Apple.
  21. AppleTell – Covers your addiction to Apple.
  22. ModMyi – News, reviews, guides, apps and more.
  23. Apple Gazette – A guide to thinking differently.
  24. TheMacFeed – Apple news, reviews, interviews and views.
  25. AppLecture – Rumors, news, apps and more.
  26. MacTech – The journal of Apple technology.
  27. MacNN – Macintosh News Network.
  28. MacDailyNews – Mac news and opinion.
  29. TidBITS – Apple news for the rest of us.
  30. iMattic – News, secrets and rumors.

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