A Successful Experiment with the AddThis Button (Screenshot)

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You’ve probably noticed the Digg Digg plugin on the left-hand side of each DailyTekk post (even if you had no idea what it was called). It’s what we use to embed social sharing buttons on our site to make it easier for people to spread the work about what they read and like on the site. It was working great (and still is), but I started getting a few comments here and there saying I needed to add some sharing buttons to the site to make sharing easier. Huh?

What I discovered was that if someone accesses the site in a small enough browser (either due to screen restraints or mobile device access or just having a browser sized-down to take up less space) it was cutting off the Digg Digg buttons. So, speaking of digging, I dug through my analytics and saw that only a small group of readers should be affected by this dilemma.

I decided to try an experiment: I’d install a simple ShareThis button at the bottom of posts to help those who can’t see Digg Digg share easier. At the same time, I wouldn’t have to overwhelm readers who could see Digg Digg with even more social buttons (it would simply be too much clutter and make us look a bit desperate). The results were great. I’ve had the button up for just a couple of weeks now. Here’s a screenshot that shows the thousands of clicks and views I was apparently missing out on by not having the button installed previously:

Lesson? It never hurts to experiment. AddThis has been around for a long time now and it’s not really “new” news, but it is worth talking about because these are some pretty awesome results. I’d say AddThis is a solid product and would 100% recommend it to other publishers as a great option to explore. Aside from the actual sharing itself, I’m a sucker for analytics and it’s very satisfying knowing more about each share.

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  • Hey Chris, it’s Paul at AddThis. First, thanks from the whole team for the great review! Excited users are our best PR.

    Second, you should know that our code will pick up Likes, Tweets, and +1’s from the DiggDigg bar just by being on the page. So even if you don’t want to use our button at all you can still get the benefit of our analytics.

    Thanks for using AddThis!

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