Audvisor Makes Becoming A Better, More Successful Person A Cinch

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Life these days is hectic and that makes learning new things pretty tough. And getting access to the world’s smartest people—and the knowledge and advice they can share—is even tougher. What if there was an app that solved both of these problems simultaneously; and app that broke learning into small chunks that you could easily fit into your schedule? What if that app gave you access to supremely knowledgable people; experts in topics ranging from the realm of personal wellbeing to business success? That app exists. It’s called Audvisor—and it’s awesome.

The basic premise behind Audvisor is this: get access to thousands of insights from hundreds of experts, all in under 3 minutes. The app itself is sleek and that’s important: there are a lot of audio-related apps that have crappy interfaces and it makes them unusable. Audvisor is the opposite: it’s simple, straightforward and usable. That’s a good thing because given it’s premise (quick access to useful audio tidbits) because it has to be dead simple to deliver on what it promises, which it does brilliantly.

The app has a Tinder-style interface (like so many apps these days, but that’s not a bad thing) where you can swipe cards left and right. There’s a menu button in the bottom right (which is great because it’s closer to the thumbs than a menu button way up on the top of the screen) which gives you access to the various topics within the apps. Current topics include:

  • Advance My Career
  • Be A Great Leader
  • Become A Better Person
  • Build Professional Relationships
  • Capitalize On Social Media
  • Find A Great Job
  • Grow As An Entrepreneur
  • Grow My Business
  • Innovate
  • Live Well
  • Manage Effectively
  • Market Effectively
  • Maximize Sales
  • Serve My Customers

An app like this really lives or dies by the quality of the content—if all it has to offer if fluff a user will uninstall it FAST. Naturally, being a tech writer, I decided to test the content in a category with the potential to be fluffy/cheesy: Become A Better Person. I’m happy to report I found the insights—and the presenters—to be high-quality and truly useful.

There are a few things that really make this app special: when you open the app you can get started immediately because there’s no registration. I love that (big breathe of fresh air). I also love that—no matter where you are in the app—you can hit the colorful sound waves in the bottom left corner of the app to either pause or play the audio. It’s a nice touch that makes playing audio in this app even more convenient than playing music in Spotify. Finally, transitions are super-smooth: it’s like a better, more interesting version of the radio; one that actually holds your attention and gets right to the point.

Mike Martin, Audvisor’s CEO and co-founder, shed some light on why this app was built—and why it’s destined for success:

Our goal was to create a push-button learning app for smartphones that is designed to fit the lifestyles of smart, ambitious and busy people. The fact is that most people are busy and do not have the time and patience to sift through volumes of content to find out what they need. We realized that people have small slices of time available (maybe during commuting, during your workouts or when you are waiting in line for your morning coffee) that could be used as learning opportunities. We created Audvisor to help our users make the most of the small pockets of time they have between their everyday task. Audvisor contains short insights from experts around the world on topics that matter most to you​.

I’m just about willing to bet that you thought, “Hey, that might work for me,” when you read that previous paragraph. That’s because it’s a service that just about anyone CAN use and probably would if they knew about it.

Of course it helps that Audvisor has no cost. That’s pretty extraordinary in light of what Mike points out: “Some of the experts we have charge thousands of dollars per hour yet are willing to offer their exclusive wisdom to our audience at no charge.”

I always like to dig up real-world use cases to share with the DailyTekk audience, and this one will do nicely: “We were notified by a user who owns a premium car dealership that he selects one insight to play each morning for his team,” says Mike. “The rest of the meeting is then based around how they can use the wisdom contained in the insight to change the thought process of how they shape their business for the future.”

That’s a pretty awesome way to put Audvisor to work.

One thing that Mike says users have been delighted to uncover within the app is the ability to see bios of the experts whose insights they are listening to. “The bio’s help our users learn more about why our experts are experts in their field and also gives them a sense of the quality of the experts offering advice on the app,” Mike says.

Now that Audvisor is officially “out there,” there team has been gaining an understanding of what topics and advice people are looking for. That means that in the future they will be able to focus on gathering quality content that is relevant and important for the user base. Mike says that the team is also looking for ways to bridge the gap between listeners and experts.

This is one app I expect to just get better in time.

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