Airmail is the Best Email App Ever for Mac and iOS

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Despite the meteoric rise of business communication app Slack (and the recent launch of the competing app Workplace by Facebook) and despite the existence of popular team and project communication tools like Asana and Trello (not to mention various other chat and messenger apps) email continues to be a necessary business communication channel. That being the case it only makes sense to be using the very best email app/client you can get your hands on. For Mac and iOS users my current top recommendation is Airmail, for several reasons.

I didn’t always feel this Airmail was king. About a year ago my favorite email app was the recently launched Polymail (which was then in beta). While I still think Polymail is a solid option, I no longer consider it the best email app on the market. Long story short, all of the features I said I loved about Polymail can be basically be found in Airmail (with the exception of extra info on contacts which I never actually ended up using/needing).

Actually, Airmail and Polymail have several overlapping features (as do several other email apps) but there’s something about the way that Airmail packages everything (which is a bit hard to quantify and to put into words) that gives it an edge in my brain (and in my workflow).

What I mean is that these apps are pretty similar on paper — there are even places where someone clearly copied design features from one program to another — but the overall experience in Airmail feels superior to me. It’s a bunch of fairly subtle features and options that add up to a noticeable difference.

Airmail’s got all the big features I liked from Polymail: the ability to easily unsubscribe from junk mail, read receipts, the option to write an email and send it later and the ability to unsend a message. But where Airmail really separates itself from Polymail (and all other email apps) is in customization options: you can customize just about everything (to the point that it seems even some of the options have options).

Most email apps have at least some basic customization settings but Airmail takes this to the (next) next-level. You can customize the look of the app with different themes, you can customize swipe actions (with several actions per left and right swipe directions) and you can customize how much of an email is ...

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