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AJ Bruno is the founder at TrendKite, which helps companies understand what the world thinks of them, and react accordingly.


Passion…effective leaders are always passionate and its infectious. A lot of times people will say “anyone can have an idea, ideas aren’t worth a lot”, and while that’s true on its own, never underestimate the passion behind an idea. The passion to problem solve, the passion to execute, the passion to motivate.


Taking control of the sales process from beginning to end. Lately, I’ve been more interested in getting my hands dirty with perspective clients than every before .Not just talking to clients, but actively selling and pitching our service to get them to sign on the dotten line.


We haven’t done a lot in terms of content generation, and this is one area I’d like us to improve upon in the upcoming months.


Austin is small community and meeting with anyone and everyone is a great way to recruit and find talent. We feel like what we are building will be big and that passion 🙂 translates to credibility and value. So regardless if it is an investor, client, potential recruit, or journalist, in just talking with people we are able to build value and credibility.


Transparency both on sales and engineering. We keep the urgency high by constantly talking about landing our next big client or the next great feature we will release.


Cold call sales, referrals, and my previous experiences. Good ol’ fashion sleeves rolled up with a little elbow grease.


Once you get funded the clock never stops ticking…


Introductions and asking for introductions is key. Find the right investor and then find as many people around them that will help “champion” your company to them.


Fake it before you make it – we sold our first clients without any sort of product, but we brought credibility to the table and thats all that mattered.


I worked in Austin for three months while my wife was about to have our first child. I flew back of course for the birth, and made it two days before our daughter was born! I was home for two weeks, then flew back to Austin to finish out DreamIt Ventures.


Oculus Rift – Being a product of the 80s, the VR stuff we had was terrible. Excited to see this come out.


Failure is never a failure, its an outcome and you can always learn from outcomes.

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