Ajna: The Best Photography/Videographer Backpack Ever, Reviewed

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Now this video’s going to be more of a walkthrough or demo but if you want the full review, check out the article I wrote previously.

Alright. The Ajna is a 40-liter pack for photographers and videographers. It’s meant to work as part of a system from f-stop that makes carrying your gear easy while keeping it as accessible as possible.

Let’s jump to the coolest feature of this pack first: the rear loading panel. This is awesome: if you’re using f-stop’s optional ICU’s, or modular storage bags that fit inside their packs, you don’t even have to take them out of the Ajna to access your gear. Just unzip the back panel, unzip the ICU and grab your camera, lenses and other accessories to start shooting faster.

So the main storage area is great, but there are also plenty of zippable compartments on the top and sides of the pack to fit things like keys, a wallet or passport or even energy gel packs on the shoulder straps.

And stowing things like tripods, a skateboard or a snowboard is simple too: just strap them onto the top, sides or back, cinch em up and you’re good to go.

Now the Ajna has several features that let you know it’s ready for serious adventures. You can rig up a hydration system (although I like to use the water bladder pocket to store my laptop on occasion), it’s got insane weather resistance thanks to the thermoplastic polyurethane film, a super heavy duty hypalon reinforced base and aqua guard heavy-guage zippers.

But is it comfortable? Definitely. There’s plenty of padding, the internal aluminum frame never gets in your way and there’s a large channel for airflow on the backside. I could carry this thing around on my back for several hours at a stretch comfortably but of course your mileage will vary depending on how heavy the gear you’re hauling is.

As I said in my previous review linked down below, there’s basically nothing I can gripe about with this pack. Not even something to nitpick about. It’s great and if you’re looking for an excellent camera gear backpack, the Ajna comes highly recommended.

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