Amazon Fire TV review: the best way to watch Prime Instant Video

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When it comes to boxes you can plug into your television to give you more content, no one should discount the new Amazon Fire TV. If you simply want to know whether or not you should buy the Fire TV, just scroll on down to the last paragraph now. If you want to know a little more about the device and it’s unique features, read on.

To me, the biggest distinguisher of the Fire TV is the convenience it offers in terms of finding content. Sure, it’s got beefier hardware specs that competitors (see below), but in terms of user experience, what sets Fire TV apart is the voice search. I’m a big fan of this feature because I hate how long it takes to search for content—one my my pet peeves when it comes to finding something to watch on Netflix. The ability to press a button and say the title, actor, director or category you’re looking for beats the heck out of hunting and pecking for letters and numbers—just push and hold the remote’s top button and speak. When you’re used to hunting and pecking, this is NICE. Of course, it’s hard to imagine future Apple TVs shipping without Siri.

Speaking of convenience, the Fire TV comes preregistered with your Amazon account info so you can literally hit the ground running. Something else to love in the ease-of-use category: no line-of-sight necessary to get a signal from the remote to the box. Nice touches.

I have to say I really love the way the remote handles rewinding and fast-forwarding. A tap of the left or right side of the large circle button automatically skips back for ahead by 10 seconds. After trying this out repeatedly, this seems just about perfect for catching that thing you wanted to see again or missing those things you don’t feel are worth your time. Also, going further backward or forward is smooth and quick. It’s probably the best scrubbing experience I’ve come across up to this point.

Now for the answer to the question on everyone’s mind… What actually differentiates the Fire TV from the Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast? In terms of processing power, the Fire TV is 3x faster than it’s competitors. It also sports 2x the mem of Apple TV and 4x the mem of the Chromecast. The Fire TV is thinner than either Roku or ...

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