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Amit Murumkar is the Founder & CEO of Canvsly, a platform to capture, organize, share and cherish children’s artwork.


Adaptability: being able to get early feedback from the consumer and making changes as early as possible in the game.

Conversion rate = Desire (to sell) – Friction (listening to the consumer).

We had 3 rounds of beta with completely different sets of consumers at Canvsly, based on which we prioritized and made changes to the common issues/feedback raised.


1. Think simple.

2. Think logical.

3. Think smart.

4.Think user experience.

5. Listen to your consumer.

6. Be adaptable.

7. Listen to your consumer.

8. Seriously, listen to your consumer.


Canvsly conducted 2 beta rounds with 2 different sets of consumers and collected and prioritized the common issue/feedback across groups and actually redesigned the app to suit their needs.

I have learnt from my consulting experience that the requirements always should be approved by the stakeholders, in this case the end users!

The changes added to a month’s worth of rework but its all good when the consumer loves it!


You have to be able to identify the consumer base so you can tailor your pitch.

The customer wants to hear what pain points you are solving for him/her and at what cost?

The investor wants to hear what is his/her return on investment…what the business model is?

Media wants to hear what’s innovative or disruptive about this new product

A new recruit wants to hear about the potential growth opportunity with the company

So all consumers with a very different perspective!


When I first thought about the idea of Canvsly, I started putting it together on paper and then built a prototype of the app (rough one using keynotopia…I laugh back looking at it now). Enough to give a perspective.

Then I arranged a party at home and invited friends, with kids, and pitched the idea and actually showed then the prototype.

That’s how I recruited my first 5 customers while gaining a stamp of approval on the idea itself! Once I was sure about the viability I went on to make a bunch of enhancement to the vision until I knew I had a complete ecosystem in place – Like Canvsly not only allows you to capture, organize and share the artwork but also convert the artwork into beautiful gifts (what better than original handmade gifts for your friends and family) while rewarding you with pretty cool gifts from major brands as an encouragement to be creative!


Every decision you take, while putting a product together, is a courageous one because ultimately an idea is worth nothing until it is executed well and it is executed well, only if you are making the decisions! (trust me a lot of people struggle taking decisions). Thats what makes you an entrepreneur!


Haven’t tried yet!


1. Pitch your ideas to as many as you can and as early as you can… trust me nobody is going to steal your idea… for 2 reasons a. no 2 people can execute an idea the exact same way b. everyone has their own shit to take care of… you will not only save time but also save a lot of unnecessary headache and potentially $$$.

2. Make a list of publications and journalists that you want to pitch to (I followed and made a list of all the journalists that specifically covered parents/kids app to pitch Canvsly to). I sent emails to each and every one of them as soon as we launched. TechCrunch came back immediately and covered Canvsly in the very first week of launch! Canvsly was downloaded in 47 countries with a whopping 300% growth in consumer base in just 2 days!

3. Pitch your product for any eligible awards. It can bring immediate credibility to the product. Canvsly was submitted for the Kiip Build fund award and won the award bringing it immense credibility as a product even before the launch!


Let go of people who were either not passionate enough or just did not have the time. Its good for everyone… trust me.

I was crazy enough to run with the idea and vision even when nobody else was with me. You have to trust your gut and your vision.

If you don’t, then how will anybody else?


Don’t give up… Once you have done your homework don’t look back… Your gut will drive you in the right direction and so will your destiny! You just have to keep believing!

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