An Android PC for $30?

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What if you could buy a fully-functional computer for $30?

The Remix Mini is the world’s first true Android PC. It claims to give you a PC experience unlike anything on Android and an Android experience unlike anything on a PC.

This tiny computer runs Remix OS which lets you enjoy the entire Android app ecosystem with the additions of a task bar, multi-window viewing and the ability to use a mouse and keyboard — including keyboard shortcuts you’re used to like copying and pasting.

  • A few cool features:
  • There’s a capacitive touch button on top that powers up the device in a matter of seconds
  • It runs on a 64-bit chip architecture
  • You can connect Ethernet and USB cables and it also supports WiFi and Bluetooth
  • This is cool: it only uses 10 watts of power vs 60 to 240 watts for a standard desktop PC

So what do I think about this computer?

  • I love the price point. That’s so dang cheap for a computer.
  • This is like Raspberry Pi for people who don’t want to mess with building a computer.
  • It’s definitely for light computing: watching movies, surfing the Internet, checking email.
  • This could make a great second computer or even a decent computer for families to share in a common area.
  • I’d be interested in seeing how well Android games play on the device.
  • To be quite honest I’m a bit concerned about the security of the device.

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