An In-Depth Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy (Explained)

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What if Coca-Cola wanted to copy your marketing ideas? What if you could easily “evangelize” customers using a smartphone? What if you could reach hundreds of thousands, or even millions of targeted individuals every month? What if you were the most cutting-edge business or organization in your sector? These don’t have to be hypothetical questions… you can be what you want to be. Sure, it takes time, hard work and even some money, but in this article I’ll show you how you can stomp the competition when it comes to social media marketing. If you want to skip right to the guts, look for the section titled “The Digital Bridge Ecosystem.” Otherwise, get ready for an in-depth, colorful and illustrated tutorial of how you can rock strategic social media marketing.

Let me first start by telling one of my favorite stories as an illustration. When Google Chrome launched a couple of years ago, Google hired a team of highly creative and talented individuals from Sweden to craft an interactive video marketing campaign called The Wilderness Downtown. Maybe you participated in this campaign. It all started when a friend of yours shared a link with you (personal recommendation). Upon arriving at the site, you were asked to enter your first home address (from your childhood home). You weren’t quite sure about providing such personal info, but since your friend sent this link to you and promised it would be good, you did. The next thing you know, you’re “walking” down a street (via Google Maps), turn the corner and *BAM* there you see, for the first time in who knows how many years, your childhood home. At this point, no matter what message you are about to be presented with, you are going to be emotionally engaged and attached. What a brilliant maneuver by B-REEL, the agency behind the game. The catch? It only worked in Chrome. As you can imagine, downloads soared. That was super creative and that was back in 2010! Just a few months ago, Chrome passed Internet Explorer to become the world’s most popular browser.

This is the perfect example of a “non-ad ad,” a non-traditional, non-obvious marketing tactic that I’d advise you to make your new best friend. Standard banner ads can’t hold a candle to content marketing (stories, videos, etc.). Facebook knows this; it’s the reason they are now offering sponsored-story ads ...

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