An iPhone Case That Takes You Off The Grid?

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If you want to keep your personal information as safe as possible, you’ve got to add an RFID and wireless signal blocking iPhone case to your setup. Silent Pocket is the best looking option around.

Video transcript: Silent Pocket’s iPhone, iPad and wallet accessories ensure your personal information stays personal.

That’s because these products block out ALL wireless signals. That means mobile signals, RDIF and NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth and even GPS and EMR (which stands for electromagnetic radiation).

The big benefit here is that you can’t be tracked and your information can’t be stolen.

There are definitely other RFID blocking wallets and cases on the market, but none that 1.) block THIS many signals and 2.) look THIS good.

I feel like as a society we’re kind of past the point where functional stuff is good enough. These days things have to look good for people to want to buy them and use them — especially something as personal as an iPhone case or wallet.

And from the looks of it these products looks amazing. I can appreciate the genuine leather that isn’t over branded — these products are made to be simple and just work.

So you’ve probably heard the term “off the grid” in movies – well this is the accessory that will actually let you get off the grid – for real.

Can take all digital security precautions you can think of and still not be fully protected. Only when you’re blocking out unwanted wireless signals is your personal information really as safe as possible.

So check these guys out. They’re on Kickstarter right now and have already hit their funding goal. If you want one before October you have a few hours left to make it happen.

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