Android N: What Do We Know So Far?

Android is one of the most-loved operating systems worldwide and I know that I don’t need to tell you that. There are over 1.4 billion Android users worldwide. Now that’s a lot!

Although it is one of the most used mobile operating systems out there, it doesn’t mean all’s well. The ubiquity of Android means that it is pretty accountable to all the people that it serves, so it constantly needs to bring out new features to be the best it can.

Oh, and it also needs to bring around those security features every once in a while. So, it’s a pretty big deal.

Android updates are always a tad bit hyped and it certainly lives up to it. Why would it not?

It’s the next generation of software that powers our devices allowing us to do much, much more.

This time around, it’s time for Android N, and is all set to be unveiled at Google’s I/O conference 2016. So, what do we know about Android N so far?

Developer preview?

Well, Google likes to release developer previews of that version for select devices, and we’re pretty sure that most of the good stuff found in that firmware are set to be used in the final version.

So far, 2 developer previews have been released for the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Pixel C, Nexus Player and the Nexus 9. So, if you have one of these devices, you’ll probably receive the update over the air if you’re signed up for the Android Beta program.

If you’re not signed up, you can always download the ROM manually and flash it on your device.

One thing that is not so significant but always keeps Android fans on their toes about the next big thing is..

The name

What’s in a name, anyway?

Well, for Android’s next update, it doesn’t actually mean much.

You see, since its debut in 2007, almost a decade ago, Android has been released with different names, alphabetically. All the way from Alpha to Marshmallow, Google has stuck with names that are popular desserts which makes it kinda easier to know where the names are based from. So, it’s kind of interesting to predict what the next name will be.

This year’s Android letter is N, so, it wasn’t long before fans all over the internet started churning out every possibility of what the N could ...

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