Apparently People Who Love Apple Products Are “Morons”

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I’ll never understand why some people are content with the status quo. If it wasn’t for brilliantly talented people at companies like Apple in particular, as well as numerous other tech companies, this world would be incredibly boring. That said, I get some  pretty hilarious comments on the blog from time to time (they are usually the funniest when they are meant to be serious) and I thought I’d share a particularly ridiculous one with you today.

Awhile back I wrote a post detailing why I was frustrated with the DirecTV. Just today a comment came in on that post that you have to see to believe. Here it is in it’s full and unedited glory for your amusement. It begins by quoting me:

“Here’s another thing that bugs me: why should I be subjected to commercials when I’m already paying to watch?”

Morons that is with all providers. If u didnt have commercials you would be paying even more for service.

And the sheer fact you have apple tv and love apple products tells me the low level of tech knowledge you have

Here’s my response to the person calling themselves “Red Rocket”:

LOL. Red, it’s all about disruption and innovation. When consumers are unhappy, there is opportunity for a startup or competitor to wreak havoc on an entire industry. It’s what this blog, silicon valley and the world’s smartest business minds are all about. Why, as a consumer, would you ever want to be happy with the status quo? That’s a sad life, and not one I am inclined to lead.

Perhaps the most embarrassing part of this poor fellow’s comment is not that he is content with the status quo, but the fact that he clearly chooses to live in a fantasy world. Not everyone has to love Apple products, or even like them, but to say someone has a “low-level of tech knowledge” because they do like Apple products makes the issuer of the statement look simple, uneducated and well, pathetic. I guess Steve Jobs wasn’t the only one with a reality distortion field (only its not a good thing in this case).

Beware reality-distorters, if your comment is ludicrous, it may just end up on the front page of the site.

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