Appboy: Improving Apps for Everyone

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When I use an app, I want the experience to be as close to perfect as possible. I can’t stand it when I download an app and must immediately give it the stanky boot. If an app doesn’t work as I think it should (or as advertised) it is a failure. Often times I want apps that fail to have worked because the premise was either cool or useful. I wouldn’t have downloaded it if I had thought otherwise. Fortunately, there is a great company working to make apps work better for me, the consumer. If it does it’s job well, you won’t even know it exists, but today I’m pulling the curtain back to reveal it to you in all it’s glory. I’m talking about Appboy.

Technically speaking, Appboy is a mobile relationship manager. To you and me, it’s an app experience-enhancer. Mark Ghermezian, who likes to point out that his first mobile call was made with a Nokia 6110, is Appboy’s co-founder and CEO. He says, “An early customer stopped working with us thinking they could build our product internally, but returned shortly afterward realizing that it wasn’t feasible.” I like that because I want my developers focused on making the app better rather than working on a side project (even if they mean well).

Mark explains how Appboy got it’s start: “With the rise of the App Store in July 2008, I saw potential for a product that catered to the booming app ecosystem. While at the time the industry focused on increasing downloads, I felt the natural next step would be addressing user retention concerns. Co-founders Jon Hyman and Bill Magnuson shared this belief, so we banded together to start Appboy.”

The service is on a roll. Last year, the infrastructure doubled twice over the course of a day when a large early customer included Appboy in their first release.

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