8 reasons an Apple announcement that will blow your mind is coming soon (hint: AR)

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What do the iPhone 8, the iPhone 10 and the iPhone 20 all have in common? They’re all 95% boring and 5% exciting. Well maybe that’s over-exaggerating (maybe) but there’s no denying that Apple fans are getting the feeling that Apple has settled into (or might even have embraced) a new era of boring.

Keynote after formulaic keynote, event after predictable event and Apple announcement after anticipated Apple announcement tech enthusiasts and Apple fans are left wanting “one more thing” as Steve Jobs used to say — something unexpected and exciting.

Recent feelings of disappointment have already led several people to speculate that Apple is the new Microsoft. But Apple’s actually up to something big — something that has the potential to blow our minds once more: augmented reality.

Augmented reality — AR for short — is the overlaying of digital information on top of the physical world. It’s also almost certainly going to be Apple’s next big thing (and that’s a very good thing). Imagine Apple glasses (or better yet Apple contact lenses) that could display directions or overlay information about objects you are looking at without the need to look at a phone. Imagine an Apple-developed HUD (heads-up display) in your next new car. Imagine an AR makeover of the Apple TV or the Apple Watch. Even better, though, might be the fact that two people can share a common experience thanks to AR. The possibilities surrounding augmented reality and Apple are seriously exciting.

Especially because it’s a matter of when and not if. According to analysts Apple is set to debut AR technology sometime soon (like in the next year or two). And I suspect the event is going to be a very big deal.

Whereas people are used to their iDevices, an augmented reality device will leave the faithful swooning once more (in my humble opinion). My guess is that after Apple’s AR keynote people will forget they ever had any doubts about Apple’s continued ability to innovate.

So if your faith in Apple’s awesomeness is wavering then here are eight reasons to hope that an upcoming Apple event is going to leave us with something truly special and a bit magical. Why eight? Because I think Apple releasing an AR product will be far more exciting than the iPhone 8.

1 – Apple CEO Tim Cook can’t stop talking about AR

Tim ...

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