Apple Watch Apps: The 50 Best

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My wrist feels naked without the Apple Watch and on the few occasions when I’m not wearing it my life feels more disconnected (which is exactly why I take it off every now and then). In my opinion everything that’s great about the Apple Watch — not including the best Apple Watch bands — can be summed up in one word: apps. Apps top the list of Apple Watch features because they tie together all the other individual features (sensors, display, digital crown, etc.).

No other smartwatch platform comes close to matching the amount of apps — and content — available on Apple’s watch platform. I still find myself wishing there were an app for this or that that doesn’t exist (these are the times I briefly wish I was a programmer), but overall I’m really happy with the Apple Watch ecosystem. There’s a lot to choose from — so much so that it can be hard to find the best Apple Watch apps.

Great apps on the Apple Watch also make my Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus more enjoyable and useful.

And now that WatchOS 3 has arrived (this was such a great Apple Watch update) the Apple Watch has become all the more indispensable in my life. Apps run (a lot) faster and that matters a lot for a device that excels and providing very quick glimpses at important information like notifications and alerts.

I’ve had an Apple Watch since the original version first became available and I’ve spent countless hours hunting for the best Apple Watch applications (seriously, I’ve sunk an embarrassing amount of time into it). And I found that there are A LOT of Apple Watch apps not listed in Apple’s official App Store. To see what I mean just do a search for Apple Watch apps on Product Hunt or check out the Apple Watch apps database on WatchAware. You’ll quickly be overwhelmed.

So these are some of my favorite and most used apps — somewhat in order — but there are several apps I’ve chosen to leave out of this list. Not included are official Apple apps — those are too obvious and listing them here wouldn’t be helpful. Also I left out games because I wanted this list to be focused on usefulness (that and I might want to make a list of the best Apple Watch games later on).

I’m constantly ...

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