Apps You’ll Love (Walkthrough)

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Apps You’ll Love is a fun, easy way to discover new web, mobile and Mac apps every weekday. If you’re interested in the backstory (why we made it), click here. Apps You’ll Love (AYL) is a new way to discover great apps. It’s like getting app recommendations from a trusted group of friends.

Here’s how it works.

Discover 10 New Apps Every Day

Monday-Friday, DailyTekk’s staff will hand-picks 10 awesome featured apps.



Vote For Your Favorite Apps

When you find an app you love, vote for it so it can be seen by more people. The voting system is based on points: 1 point for clicking on the black upvote button and 2 points for sharing an app on social media (2 points per social network).

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 6.44.07 AM

You can also vote for an app using the buttons at the top of it’s profile page:


Filter By Use Or OS

We’ve done away with categories altogether. But we have included some useful sorting options including use-case (business or personal) and platform (iOS, Android, Web, Mac, etc.).


Hunt For Easter Eggs

If you see an app with a green Easter Egg next to it,  you’ll know the app’s developer has revealed a hidden feature or perk (think secret gestures, hidden games, discounts…).


When you click through, you’ll find something like this:




Find A Random App You’ll Love

For another fun way to discover great apps, try clicking the Gimme! button located near the DailyTekk logo on desktop (and within the menu options on mobile) or the large Gimme! A Random App I’ll Love button located underneath each app profile or article on DailyTekk.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.06.43 AM


Check Out The Leaderboard

At any given time you can stop by the Leaderboard to see the 50 most popular apps over a 3 week period. It looks something like this:



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