Aquabook: the Rectangular Water Bottle for Your Book Bag

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I’m a giant fan on messenger bags. I love them. I like the way they look and they’re functional. But water bottles don’t fit inside them (well maybe they DO but it’s awkward). Until now.

Currently on Kickstarter is aquabook, a rectangular water bottle designed specifically to fit inside your messenger bag. It’s actually in an A5 paper format (although, obviously, much thicker than a piece of paper). The aquabook will be fairly customizable as owners will be able to choose what theirs looks like.

I think the idea of a water bottle that is easier for students and business people to carry around is brilliant. Put differently, I think the IDEA itself is excellent. What will remain to be seen is how usable the aquabook actually is.


What I mean is that the world has a sort of a standard for water bottles. Roundness. Or at least a similar long, skinny shape that fits in cup holders (shout out to Fiji, literally the square peg in the round hole). While it is a great notion to be able to fit a water bottle in your bag, it won’t fit in other places where you’d expect a water bottle to fit. So if you bring it in your car, it’ll have to sit on the seat next to you, or in the console or stay in your bag.

The other thing I noticed on the aquabook Kickstarter page is that there’s no picture or video of a person actually drinking from the bottle. That may be because it’s a bit awkward. I’m trying to picture it in my head; do you have to turn it sideways? I mean, for whatever reason, water bottles evolved to be the shapes they generally are for a reason. Probably because they’re easy to hold and drink from.

Judging by the Kickstarter materials, the aquabook is a lot more eco-friendly than normal plastic water bottles, which is a very good thing. According to their math it will use 2,000 times less energy and emit 80 times less greenhouse gas.

In any case, I think this is a really cool-looking project with some forward thinking. It will be interesting to see whether it takes off!

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