BatteryBox: The Portable Battery for Your Mac You’ve Always Wanted (Review)

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Given Apple’s obsession with crafting ever thinner devices year after year, there’s a good chance that people who get work done away from an office or dorm room are going to be locked in battles over coveted outlets at airports and coffee shops. Well, maybe not iPhone users; there are plenty of portable power options for mobile phones. Too bad there’s not something similar for Mac users. Oh wait… there is!

I’ve been waiting for a product like the BatteryBox for years. The situations I just mentioned aren’t hypothetical; I live them from time to time. I don’t care if it’s Starbucks or Local Joe’s; if you get a seat next to a working outlet it’s like winning a mini lottery (very mini, I admit, but that’s how it feels). And it’s even rarer to snag a decent place to charge your Mac at the airport.

But the world doesn’t stop just because your device runs out of power. Thank goodness for the BatteryBox.


What’s obvious from this article so far is that the BatteryBox will keep your Mac running instead of letting it run out of juice. But there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to how the BatteryBox actually works. It’s not just a portable battery. It’s a smart portable battery.

The BatteryBox doesn’t actually charge your Mac; instead it powers it. It’s an important distinction. The first method lets your Mac’s internal battery degrade overtime, the second doesn’t. What this actually means is that if you’re battery is at 29% when you connect it to the BatteryBox, it will remain at 29% when the BatteryBox is finally drained; so rather than charging the device, it keeps the current power level constant. All this smartness is powered by BatteryOS which means artificial intelligence will keep your power situation as safe and efficient as possible.

The BatteryBox doesn’t just charge your Mac, though; it can also simultaneously charge your phone (and if you own a Mac, that probably means an iPhone). It’s ports include a USB and a Micro USB which are there in addition to the permanent power-out cord which you connect to your Mac.

To charge the BatteryBox you connect it to an outlet via an adapter that plugs in to the Mini USB port. In 4 hours it’ll charge up to about 80%. For a full charge you’ll need to charge it ...

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