Beddi Smart Alarm Clock Review

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Alarm clocks have been replaced in many, if not most, households (I’m just guessing here) by smartphones (and to a lesser degree, smartwatches). My iPhone has been waking me up for years now; until recently, that is, when I chose the Apple Watch as my alarm of choice. But recently, the smart device revolution has made inroads into the alarm clock market with the introduction of the Beddi and of course I had to investigate.

But before I get to far, let me talk about why I’ve been using the Apple Watch as my alarm because it will provide some context for this review. And it will also allow me to declare, at the end of this article, whether or not the Beddi is better or worse.

I’ve been using the Apple Watch as my main alarm for one major reason: I don’t want to sleep in the same room as my iPhone. I don’t want to wake up during the night and think to myself, “I can’t sleep so I might as well check my phone.” I don’t want to be on my phone right before bed or first thing in the morning. I don’t want to get annoying notifications (even if they are silent while my phone is in night mode because I know they are there anyways begging for my attention). So, the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch actually makes a pretty great (simple) alarm clock. You can set the parameters without your iPhone and when you connect it’s charger and lay it on it’s side it enters alarm clock mode where it displays the time and the charge. It goes to sleep, too, so there’s no bright light next to my pillow (and doesn’t wake up until the alarm either goes off or I tap it to check the time). Then, in the morning when it’s time to wake up, the Apple Watch screen gradually gets brighter before the alarm goes off to help ease me out of sleep. In short, it works well for me. Really well.

There’s no way a traditional alarm clock could fit into my life. A “dumb” gadget just taking up space that has a radio on it is lame.

But the Beddi isn’t a “dumb” alarm clock. It has several very smart features, many of which I found not only cool, but useful. It’s got programmable smart touch buttons which ...

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