3 Best Mac Wallpaper Sources

Mac Wallpaper Sources
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It’s not hard to find websites that offer Mac wallpaper for download but it is quite hard to find decent, non-junky ones. In fact, by and large I hate Mac wallpaper websites: the ads, the selection, the design… it’s all unpleasant. For years I stuck with the default MacOS background images because I didn’t feel like wading through all that garbage. But in more recent times I’ve found some much better Mac wallpaper sources which I’m very happy to share with you.

I should mention that I made this video and article at the request of several fans after I made some similar recommendations for the best iPhone wallpaper sources (so check that out if you haven’t already).

But before I delve into the actual apps, let me reflect on what I feel makes for the best Mac wallpaper source in the first place. Above all I want breathtaking photos and/or creative illustrations. So the quality of the wallpaper selection matters. In other words, there’s Mac wallpaper and then there’s Mac wallpaper. It’s not all created equal. A curated selection doesn’t hurt anything.

Next I’m looking for a clean interface. I don’t care if it’s a website or an app or some sort of combo as long as it’s uncluttered and easy to get around. Just show me the goods and get out of the way!

Finally — and this last bit is my own personal preference — I like some shade or combination of the following attributes: modern, colorful, Apple-related, nature scenes (especially high-quality space images), architecture, abstract designs and images that make me feel happy in one way or another. Hipster is fine as long as it’s not melancholy. Above all else, though, I desire a creative image for my Mac background: I love to be surrounded by creativity in my workspace (that’s why I’ve got 2 digital art frames flanking my computer).


Splashify, if you can’t tell from it’s name, pulls photos from Unsplash, the popular free stock photo site. This is a dead-simple Mac wallpaper app. There’s nothing fancy going on here: it just does what it is supposed to do and gets out of the way (perfect).

A couple things I can point out about it, though, are that there’s a curated feed (so it’s just a selection of the most exciting Unsplash images) and you can sort the feed by ...

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