MacBook Pro Case: 5 Awesome Cases for Touch Bar Models

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If you just bought a new MacBook Pro then you need a MacBook Pro Case (assuming you have already handled your first order of business: buying the 3-in-1 USB Type-C adapter). But not just any case will do: you’re beautiful, powerful beast of a laptop deserves an equally sleek and sophisticated piece of armor to shield it from all the abuse you might put it through over the next few years.

One of the worst sights a MacBook Pro owner can see is a scratch on that carefully crafted aluminum body. It’s a sinking feeling I’ve experienced before and which I don’t recommend to you. Hopefully you’ve escaped this tech tragedy yourself.

The new MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar is still recent enough that it can be hard to find a compatible case. You’ve got to be careful — especially when you’re scouting around Amazon or Best Buy — that you aren’t buying a MacBook Pro case that’s outdated or incompatible. One pretty easy way to make sure you’re getting a compatible case is to look in the product pictures for USB-C ports — if they match how many are on your new MacBook Pro then you’re good to go!

The Classic Colorful Hard Shell MacBook Pro Case

Colorful MacBook Pro Case

The most prolific type of MacBook Pro case is, in my mind, the hard shell case like this one from Mosiso. These types of cases are popular for good reasons: they’re cheap, they look good while adding some color and they aren’t bulky. This is a great case option for people mostly concerned about preventing their MacBook Pro from getting scratches. On the other hand, this case is not going to give your laptop much protection in case of a drop.

What I like about this particular case from Mosiso is that it comes in fifteen different colors! My personal favorite is the Royal Blue, but I also think the Black, Gray, White and Frost are pretty cool too. Luckily there are so many colors to choose from you can easily pick one that suits your own personality.

Other things you should know are that this case is vented which means it won’t cause your MacBook Pro to run hotter than it should, it doesn’t cover any buttons or otherwise get in your way, it’s easy to install (snaps on and off) and it even comes with a free ...

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