The 3 best new Chrome extensions

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Chrome is my favorite browser and judging from our analytics, it’s the preferred browser of the majority of our readers as well. That being the case it only makes sense to get some awesome new extensions in front of you. I should say, however, that my favorite new Chrome extension (possibly of all time) is Panda which puts awesome sources like Hacker News and the latest Dribbble shots (among other excellent info sources) in your new tabs and wraps them in an awesome user interface. But I figured many of you probably were aware of it at this point judging by it’s popularity, so I wanted to dig up a few more you might not have heard of just yet (but need to).


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.52.14 AM

Dewey is a better bookmark manager for Chrome. It’s better because it’s simple and comprehensive and beautiful all at the same time. You’ll love the ability to add custom screenshots and tags to your bookmarks and you’ll certainly enjoy the smarter search. Most of the time, when I bookmark a site I’m sending it to it’s grave. With Dewey, I think my bookmarks will be resurrected.


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Anything that has a chance at making you more productive is worth a look. In this case, it doesn’t take a second glance to see that Limitless is a worthy occupant of your browser’s new tab screen. Limitless lets you set goals and then track your time automatically based on what tabs you’ve got open. It also helps you stay motivated and achieve your goals all while helping you keep better track of your time.


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 8.51.59 AM

Honeybadger is a plugin I’ve been trying for a few days now and can’t get enough of. It conveniently gives you important information about any website you’re on such as site traffic, company information, Whois (domain registration) info, what technology powers the site, similar sites, referrals and more. All this at the click of a tiny button. It’s a great tool for entrepreneurs or business people or anyone who’s just curious. I’m already addicted.

Editor’s note: this is the first post I’ve ever  created for DailyTekk using a Google Chromebook (HP Chromebook 14) and I’m pretty happy with how it went. Full review coming soon.

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