Best Wireless Headphones Under $350

The 3 best wireless headphones
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For the past couple of weeks I’ve been testing three incredibly awesome pairs of Bluetooth headphones (the best wireless headphones under $350): the Beats Solo3 Wireless (the Product Red special edition), the Bose QC35s — or Quiet Comfort 35s — (the Midnight Blue limited edition) and the Sony h.ear on Wireless NCs in black. It’s been fun: I did a listening test, a sound leak test and a full feature comparison (all of which you can see and hear for yourself in the video.

When I set out to test the 3 best Bluetooth headphones that cost $350 or less I considered many options. Let me briefly explain how I ended up purchasing the Beats, Bose and Sony headphones to review. It’s pretty simple, actually: Audeze, Parrot, B&O and Grado either don’t have wireless headphones in this price range or don’t make wireless headphones at all (ahem, Grado).

Sennheiser and V-Moda, while basically in the price range, just don’t really make headphones that are “my style” (despite sounding great according to other reviewers). And the ever popular Audio Technica does make some wireless headphones but they would really fit better in a $250 and under roundup (and I obviously stayed away from cheap brands nobody has ever heard of before).

So why $350? To me this price range really hits a sweet spot that I’d call “affordably premium.” Headphones in this range certainly aren’t cheap but they’re still fairly attainable at the same time (they cost about what a kid would save up for a new gaming console).

Best wireless headphones spec comparison:

  • Price: the Beats and the Sony’s both cost $300 while the Bose run $50 more.
  • Fit: the Beats are on-ear while the Bose and Sony cans are both over-ear.
  • Battery life: the Beats absolutely crush the competition with up to 40 hours of juice while the other two pairs are rated for only half that.
  • Noise canceling: the Bose and the Sony are both noise-canceling and the Beats are not.
  • Size: the Beats are the lightest and smallest of the bunch with the Bose not far behind and the Sony’s are about 2 oz heavier.
  • Portability: all 3 are foldable and come with carry cases (the Beats have the smallest footprint while the Bose and Sony cases are both significantly larger).
  • Controls: all 3 make use of real buttons rather than a wonky touch interface but

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